Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updates From the Place Winter Skipped

Now I'm pretty confident, winter has skipped us. I think it was so unkind to us last year, it didn't have anything left this year. I don't miss it. For the next ten days, the temperatures are going to be in the 40's or 50's--which takes us almost in to March.

The farrier was out yesterday. Remember my little pony, Jasmine? She used to be scared of him, but has gradually gotten better. Yesterday she was the best yet. She didn't pull away once.

He was standing near Beautiful's stall when he trimmed Jasmine, and Beautiful was trying to kiss at him the whole time. He was like, Wow, you're awfully friendly now! He took time to pet on her after he was done. He probably likes coming to our house for trims again. All of our horses are pretty near perfect for him.

I have a little incident to post that isn't about my own horses, but I don't think Shiloh will mind too much. She has this wonderful mare that she's raised from a weanling--the palomino, Cowgirl. The two of them have this deep bond and Cowgirl KNOWS who her owner is. Generally, I leave her alone since I understand that.

The other day, we rode together--me on Cowboy, her on Cowgirl--and afterward, when we had them tied at the trailer (several feet apart) I came back and found Cowboy stretched to the end of his lead. Immediately I thought she had done something to him, even though she was standing there like nothing happened. I started to untie him, and all of a sudden his eyes went HUGE, I turned around and she was flipping her hind around at him again with me in the middle. I took care of her, untied him, and put him back up.

This is so surprising--not that she'd want to kick Cowboy, since none of them like him, but that she would do that with me there. She's the kind of horse that you can not ride for months, then jump on her and she does everything you ask. She's been like that even when she was young. Her intelligence is unsurpassed. Also, she's the alpha mare of the herd and always has been. She's the type that hardly ever gets scared--if she does, she stands there and doesn't back up. You give her a job, she wants to do it. The only thing she doesn't like is boredom--and Cowboy.

But that wasn't good the other day, and I'm not really sure how to train her out of it (I won't be doing any of the training--it's Shiloh's horse). I mean, it's almost always that combination we take out on the trails, so they have to be together a lot. I don't want to have to worry about my horse getting his legs broken! And why now, when they've been together like this for years? Shiloh did mention hobbling her with Cowboy tied near. Any ideas?

The other issue, of course, is that it showed a lack of respect for ME. So, I have to deal with it on that level, too.

Remember the book give-away I was doing? It's been a long time, I know--but I did the drawing this morning and have two winners. First, Kritter Keeper from Farm Tails and second, Pony Girl, from Pony Girl Rides Again. Congratulations.

I've entered everyone who commented once for every comment since the giveaway began, I'm not sure everyone actually wanted to win the book though! Let me know, and please email me your addresses so I can get the books off to you! There are some GREAT stories by women!!

Happy Trails, everyone!


  1. I have pleny of winter going on around here to share!
    Love the photos!

  2. What? You're the one with flowers coming up already! I thought you were well into Spring over there. did you get caught in that bad storm?!? And, I'll pass on the sharing thing. ;)

  3. Hm. So far this winter, we are 10 inches BELOW normal in snowfall. So we thought we were safe. Hm. Until today. It's snowing right now, those teeny flakes that really accumulate. 8-12 inches predicted here, and the wind is blowing too. Wait, I think it's blowing west ;)

  4. yippeee! i have never won anything yet from blog giveaways! thank you so much! will email you! about her almost kicking you...jess who sounds exactly like her, so solid and so loving and sane...kicked me the first day she was allowed out after her ankle surgery...never kicked me before and never kicked me after...she probably won't do it again.

  5. Funny, Joanne! We don't want it here. I can't believe they're predicting so much for you! That's not fair. :(

  6. Kritter Keeper--this book seems destined for you. I pulled your name twice and you were only entered about that many times, I think--maybe three. It was weird!! Does blogger give you a way to email me? If not, my email is . It's been changed recently, but this one should be it for a long time.

  7. I'm so excited to have won the drawing for the book! Wooo-hoo! :) My email address is:
    I am not giving up on getting a winter. It's just too weird. Mark my words, we will have snow. Maybe in April. LOL! :)
    LOVE that first picture of Jasmine. Neat post and lighting!!

  8. I have twenty horses and we take anywhere from ten to fifteen out on ten day trail trips and this kicking problem can be an issue and is common. When i catch my horses doing this i really get after them. Round pen work is what teaches them respect towards the human handler and the shoul know that that is not exceptable to swing thir buts toward you. I would just get after the mare when she does that and i think she will eventually get the fact that this behavior is not okay. If it is possable and it is just the two horses then tie them on opposite sides of the trailer. Good luck and if you have any other questions then feel free to contact me at

    ttyl Nicole

  9. Thanks for the advice, Nicole. I think that makes good sense!


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