Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Picture--Video Diary: Seattle on Valentines (And the Chinese New Year)

2009 was the year of Staycations--as they say, and I sure hope the trend continues into the years ahead. I mean, can you get anymore beauty in the world than you can right here at home?

Seattle is about a four hour drive from where we live--call me bias--but I think it may be the most beautiful, clean big-city in the country.

Our vacation began, as most Seattle vacations do, with Pikes Market--the historic fish/ flower market in downtown. Beneath the upper level of fish and flower vendors are little shops--bookstores, antique stores, trinkets for sale.

More images of Pike's Place Market....

We were able to get Forsytha in bloom--my favorite! If you kept up with my gardening blog last Spring, you'll know that I planted four along the east side of the house.

Here's our self-portrait--very touristy as you can see.

It was Valentine's Day--my daughter's birthday, and the Chinese New Year! Wow! As we entered the Wild Ginger for dinner, we were entertained by this troop of dragons dancing to an aggressive drum beat. (Short video below). It was VERY cool.

My favorite building may be the Rainier Tower on 5th. It's supported by a thin pedestal--quite a feat of engineering. I captured it below in video so that you can really see how stunning it looks when you stand beneath.

Here's the Rainier Tower:

Here's video of the exciting dancing dragons:

And last, we drove to see Magic at the trainer's place in Enumclaw, Washington. It's nestled at the foot of Mt. Rainier. As a side note, I was born in Tacoma--or Dacoma, as I wrote in my 3rd grade essay about my life. Here I've come full circle, back to the Mountain of my birth.

Not bad, a ranch with that kind of view. All of Enumclaw seems to enjoy the same picturesque surrounding. It's all flat land and opens up for everyone to see--I think of it as a generous view--rather than a stingy one--that only a few select homes get to enjoy.

If you haven't already, think about visiting Seattle sometime--you'll love it! Make sure you stay downtown. We stayed at the Red Lion on 5th which was an easy walking distance to all of the sites you'd want to see, but you could just as easily drive in for the day, park, and stay somewhere outside of the Enumclaw, less than an hour away in the countryside.


  1. What a beautiful city! Lots of charm and personality at once, definitely. I'll bet they have great coffee there too, home of Starbucks, no? It's amazing how much we can often miss right beneath our eyes, so close to home. The beach we vacation at in the summmer is 45 minutes from home, and I wouldn't have it any other way. There's a certain comfort in finding these treasures so very close by.

    P.S. Great newsboy cap, very chic, Linda!

  2. Ah, thanks. I have naturally frizzy hair, so I buy a cap in every town. That's my Seattle cap. And yes, Seattle is home to Starbucks and a whole lotta of other latte places as well. 45 minutes from the beach sounds PERFECT!


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