Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Weekend

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone--or actually, weekend, since it falls on a Sunday. It's ALWAYS very special for me because my daughter, Shiloh, was born that day, eighteen years ago. I didn't get as many visitors as usual because everyone was out on Valentine's dates, but I did get lots of chocolate candy, and the daughter I'd always dreamed of having.

She and I were very close from the start. I was able to take her with me wherever I went, and she was always happy as long as we were together.

I homeschooled her up until the 7th grade, which gave us even more time together and with the horses. Eventually, she went to school and really enjoyed it.

She raised her filly, Cowgirl, from a weanling, and the two of them have a deep bond.
Cowgirl is "her" horse--on paper and reality.

Happy 18th Birthday, Shiloh!

I have other news as well. I don't know if you all have "Bucket Lists", but I do. One of the things on mine is returning to an area of Maine I lived in while I was a teenager--Limestone. I fell in love with the landscape and people and way of life. It made an impression on me. As an Air Force kid, moving around every couple of years, I think the reason I fell in love with it is because the people made me feel like I was from there. It was the first place I felt like I really belonged.

I've wanted to go back for about thirty years, but never have. Then, last week, my husband just brought it up out of the blue and said let's do it! I couldn't believe it, but he was serious and we've purchased the tickets and are planning our stay. I've started a countdown clock to mark the days until I get to return. It's a long time--200 days, according to the counter, but as you all know, time passes fast!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Shiloh! A celebratory weekend indeed. You have a beautiful daughter, Linda. I've found that as the years pass with my daughters, our history just grows and deepens our relationship. I'm sure you find the same.

    And Wow, an East Coast vacation! What a wonderful journey, keep us posted on your plans ...

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours :)

  2. Oh, happy, happy Birthday to your daughter! She is just lovely (you both are.) Eighteen is a big year! :)
    Can't wait to hear about your trip back to Limestone. It will be really special for you. At first I thought you were going to move back there when I read that part!
    I have never been to Maine but have heard it is beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday, Shiloh!!!
    What a beautiful daughter! What a day to be born on, day of love.
    How lucky you are to have a daughter who loves horses! When our daughter was little I used to take her riding with me all the time. As she grew older she didn't want to ride anymore. Now at 36 she is afraid of horses she tells me, how sad! I love them more than ever.
    So happy for you to get to go on vacation to the place you love!
    Hope you have a grand time!!! Will be looking forward to pictures on a post when you return.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day everyone and thanks for the birthday wishes. We'll be heading to Seattle for the rest of the weekend and we're going to see Magic, the horse who broke his shoulder!! I'll post more about that later. Have a great weekend!!

  5. Aww, what a wonderful story. Happy Valentines and Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. I hope to have a similar relationship with my little one, we are so close.
    Have fun going back to Maine. I've been there once and always dream of going back, especially to Bar Harbor. Crossed an item off my bucket list today - sleigh ride! :)

  6. Hey Jennifer--I saw the pictures of your sleigh ride--one more off the list! This one of mine, Maine, has been on my list so long, I'm actually starting to think I might "kick the bucket" before I ever get there!! Too good to be true type of event!!

    Happy Valentines to you and your daughter!!

  7. happy bday to your daughter! lovely post. i like that pic of her and her horse. my maternal family is from vermont and i love it up there...never been to maine. glad you are going back, you will have a great time!


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