Monday, February 1, 2010

February: Love

My Report Card: C+

Have I decluttered? No.

Been drinking more water? No.

Walked at least ten minutes a day? Yes.

Defined My Purpose for each day? Yes.

Kept the inertia going forward? Yes.

February's goal is LOVE--no surprise since Valentine's Day falls right in the middle of the month--my darling daughter's birthday! The focus this month, for having a happy life, is working on "love" in our relationships.

So, I started thinking about all of my relationships (in my home/barn) and they are many! 1.) Husband, 2.) Children, 3.) 2 dogs, 4.) 4 cats, 5.) 3 goats, and 6.) 7 horses. That's a lot of relationships to work on and that's not even including the rest of my big family and my friendships.

Speaking of friendships, the club which has been a big part of my life for the past few years, Moms, Daughters, and Horses, is going to change a bit. We've all decided to end the non-profit part of it. We've taken different turns in our lives and have decided that the paperwork and fundraising is just too much right now. Our friendships are already solid, and growing, and we still intend to do our fun days, forum, parties and coffees, but the Legal-Eze, and all the work that goes with that, will be redirected. There are so many clubs out there with good causes, we'll still have plenty of opportunities to raise money, clear trails, save horses, and mentor the youth. And, we still have each other and our trail rides and activities--but rather than a 501C3 umbrella, it's an umbrella of friendship--horsewomen who like to hang out and have fun.

I'm actually very excited about this change. These are wonderful women and GOOD friends and I so look forward to just relaxing and enjoying them all now.

My goals for February: spend more quality time with the aforementioned "loves" in my life--concentrate on all of them on the list.

How are you all doing on keeping your resolutions? How's the energy? How's the love?

Nine more days until the book giveaways--don't forget, February 10th.


  1. I have a daughter with a February birthday too, so hey, it's a happy month! The love's good ... we have this thing we started a few years ago where we celebrate all the minor holidays, like today's Groundhog Day, in some small, even tiny way. But we make the day special. For Groundhog Day, I bought a giftcard for dinner at Friendly's for my daughters, so the three of us can have a Girls' Night Out together. Small efforts like those go a long way to keeping our days bright, the love good.

  2. Happy Groundhog Day! I read that we're going to have six more weeks of winter. :( I don't know for sure if we've had six weeks of winter yet at all--not in Spokane anyway!

    I like the idea of taking your daughters out like that--how fun!


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