Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Evidence!

It seemed like Spring yesterday--47 degrees according to my car--sunshine--horses. Spring-like conditions, yes, but do you know how I can tell it's NOT Spring (besides looking at the calendar or listening to the Groundhog)?

My horses aren't shedding! Not a single hair--they're all holding tight. And, you can guess what that tells me, pretty much what Joanne said yesterday--don't pack away my mittens just yet.

Yep, when it's Spring, I will be wearing hair on my clothes, plucking it out of my mouth, my nose, my eyes. But those horses aren't releasing anything--not a bit. In fact, I've noticed mine look like Woolly Mammoths compared to my friend's, whose are stabled, and I don't think they're going to go slick anytime soon.

Shiloh was out working her girl, Cowgirl, yesterday, and I realized while photographing them, she's still wearing the same barn coat she's been wearing since she was twelve. (Her dad bought it for her big, and she used to swim in it!) My girl gets attached to things!

I think her main quality is loyalty. (She still has her hand knitted blankie) and she's a bit of a pack rat. I asked her if I could buy her a new coat, maybe a prettier one. She said she likes hers, but she'd be willing to look.

So, here's what she found. No pink, plum, purple or brown for her--green. And, she LOVES it. The thing that sold her on it and made her willing to trade her old one in, is the hat. She loves the hat.

Now, to Beautiful, here's the evidence--the title of my blog post today!!!

Remember how I said Beautiful ALWAYS rolls in mud after I groom her? Did you think I was exaggerating?

If anything, I was being kind. Not only does she roll in it, she mashes her whole body into it. She pushes herself down into every wet, sloppy part of it.

She is so not a prissy thing.

When we work the other horses or ride off without her, she goes crazy! She really wants to be a part of everything. This is her going nuts while Cowgirl was working. They pretty much ignore her.

When I worked with her (Beautiful) yesterday, besides a little bucking on the lunge line, she did well. She moved out nicely, stopped when I said "whoa", moved out of my space, backed up responsively--everything I asked. She was still a little squirrelly being tied up though--pulling back a bit, pawing--not as bad as the day before, but she needs work being tied.


  1. Everyone has their own idea of beauty and I guess Beautiful has hers! Perhaps she does not like her name and is fighting you on it....

  2. Funny, Judy! I hadn't thought about that...maybe she's like Ugly Betty--but Ugly Mustang. I'll just start calling her Ugly Girl and see if she won't stop needing to prove it!

  3. My "Old Man" mustang is a grulla (read mud colored), and the only time he seems to roll is after a ride...ichy-ichy-ichy. But my wife 2 grays (read white) will roll if they are ichy or just too clean. We wont talk about the dog...

  4. I've got one that's shedding like crazy, but the rest are holding on for now. Perhaps Beautiful's name should be changed to Mud?

  5. Yeah, dogs are the worst--I think I can finish that thought...they choose the stinky areas to roll! (At least mine do).

    Mud? That's an idea. Muddy Girl--it's better than ugly girl, because really, she's pretty underneath it all. ;) I'm surprised you have one shedding already--is Spring coming your way in Illinois?

  6. Oh Beautiful. What priceless pictures those are. I vote to keep her name Beautiful. She's having a beautiful time living and embracing her choice life (in the mud)!

  7. Good point. And, she is a baby, after all. I used to give my dolls baths in the mud and I turned out okay. :) Maybe she and I are soul mates---or mud mates.

  8. Linda, I just had to come back and see those Beautiful pics. I was wondering, why do you suppose she does this? Is there a physical reason? Does it moisturize her skin?

  9. I can only guess, but she usually does it after grooming and working, so I think it has to do with just being itchy. She may even like the feel of a little mud on her coat for some reason. I'm not sure what advantage it gives a horse--in the summer it seems to insulate them from the sun a bit.

  10. Aren't mud baths good for you? Maybe Beautiful just wants to keep her skin nice and young looking. :)

  11. Well, whatever it is, half of my horses look pretty dirty right now, and it seems to be all of MY horses--which is odd, since I do the most with them. My daughter's horse looks like she gets groomed every day. NOT! I need a heated wash room!!


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