Thursday, February 25, 2010

Barnyard Video--Beautiful Opens the Door & Much More!

Do you think we could win the Mustang Makeover with this trick? As you can tell, from the audio, I had a little too much fun out there cleaning stalls. As a matter of fact, after listening to myself, I've discovered that I'm pretty goofy with my horses. Feel free to mute the audio when you play that clip.

Thanks to the Gun Diva for passing along this award--which I particularly like since it uses the word "Beautiful":

The rules are:

Link to the person who awarded it to me. See above link for GunDiva.

Offer up 7 things about yourself. These are going to be odd tidbits since most people who have followed this blog know too much about me already. Hey, I'll do it as a pictorial to make it fun.

1.) I complained about these flowers Valentine's Day 2009. Actually, they weren't quite like this when they first arrived. They were the kind that came in a box--you know, like the Superbowl ad this year--those wilty things that talk.

They were looking pretty sad when they arrived. I complained, it's true, but I did it nicely--constructive criticism--and my husband quickly took me out to buy extras to doctor them up. Some lilies, babies breath, leaf--and voila! They looked great. (I didn't get any flowers in a box this year).

This cartoon from the New Yorker reminded me of that day and I cut it out for my husband.

Honey, I got you some flowers to complain about!

2. I love goats. The ones I have in these pictures were my first. They were like real babies to me after I bottle-fed them. They'd follow me all over the property and hike out in the hills behind me--come running to me across the pasture--bounding everywhere when they'd see me come out the door. Sadly, they died of urinary calculi. Now I'm an expert on that (if you need help, call me), but it comes a little too late. Although, it did help me to save the wether I have now.

3. I'm a wine nut. I love it. This picture was taken on a wine tour my husband I took through Italy with his dad and brother and sister-in-law. It was in an old cellar. Some of the wine was hundreds of years old. Wonder what that would taste like!

4. I like to golf for fun. I'm not all that good, and I don't get to play that often (horses), but we live pretty close to an amazing course and I love to get there when I can. Hey, I could feed a lot of horses out there--think they'd mind?!?

5. This one's in honor of GunDiva--I carry a Lady Smith revolver with me when I ride. (Watch out!) It was a present from my husband on our anniversary a couple years ago. (For the record, I wanted it). Sometimes I ride way out, and you'd be surprised what you'll find out there. I hope I don't ever have to use it, but just in case, I have it. (That's the Wild West for you.)

6. If I get anymore horses, I'm officially a hoarder. Arrest me.

7. I smoke cigars and a pipe. I prefer smoking when it's warm outside. I'm not such a die-hard that I'd sit in the cold, and I don't want to stink up the house. I usually buy online from Cigars International and prefer the Maduro wrappers. If I want a light smoke, the CAO's in a tin, Earth Nectar--which is often on backorder. It's funny, but most Cigar shops think I'm buying cigars for my husband. They never assume I'm buying them for myself, and I've been enjoying good cigars since I was thirty. Along those lines, I also smoke a pipe--a beautiful Meerschaum pipe from Turkey with flowers carved into the bowl--I received it for Mother's Day a long time ago.

There you go, seven things about me. Next, I need to pass this on to fifteen more bloggers--so check back!

Happy Trails! And PS, don't even think about surprising me out in the woods. wink. wink.


  1. That video is too cute!!! She really had that little lip of hers going.

    Your 7 things are pretty amazing. Love the goats (cute pictures!) and I think it's neat that you carry the revolver with you when you ride. It's better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.

  2. I think you're in trouble now that Beautiful can open gates. Good luck keeping her in now.

    Please tell me you've trained your horses to shoot from! I can't imagine the rodeo you'd have if you didn't. :) I do love that you carry when you're out by your lonesome.

    I think I already sent you a message, but would you like to guest blog over at Tales in April?

  3. What a silly Mustang!!

    Loved getting to know more about you! We have always thought about bringing a gun when we go trail riding, you never know what you might run into! But we definitely need to accustom our horses to guns first.
    Great pictures, such cute little goats!!

  4. I have a feeling Beautiful is always going to keep you on your toes!

    Love the NYer cartoons. We were just talking about them the other day, the ones with cats staring at walls in particular. Their cartoons are always spot-on.

    And congrats to you and Beautiful for the Beautiful Award! Very appropriate, indeed :)

  5. Oh that is hilarious! A trick horse in the making, I think! She was really good with her little muzzle there. I thin you are cute with your horses. I talk to mine that way, too. Kind of like I'd talk to a baby, LOL! :)
    Interesting facts about yourself, how fun to get to know you a little better! How cool you "pack" on the trails! I think my sis will do that soon! She's a sharp shooter that one!

  6. Nikki--She does have powerful lips. She's practiced by pulling the plug out of her automatic waterer (several times) and flooding her run.

  7. Gun Diva--I think my answer will scare you--I haven't practiced off a horse! I have thought it through and realized that step 3 would land me on the ground in a very bad way, but, in my mind, I've planned to use it 1) as a threat, if need be, or 2) on the ground, if it came to that, or 3) taking my chances. I was riding with a friend last fall and some guy started screaming up on the top of the ridge--which echoed to us very loudly in the canyon. We couldn't see him, but he sounded close and he sounded CRAZY. We didn't bother with the Lady Smith, we looked at each other and said, let's get out of here. We just ran the horses out of that canyon as fast as we could.

    Maybe that would be a good guest blog. :)

  8. Paint Girl, there is another reason I have a gun and that is the trail heads--before we mount.

    We've seen several scary looking people at the trail heads--turns out, according to our local police and newspaper, they frequent them and break into trucks and trailers when you leave. One guy followed my friend from the trail head, almost to her stables. He pulled into the trail head and then followed her.

  9. Joanne--my husband is always trying to think of a caption for the New Yorker cartoon contest! It's more difficult than it looks. We love them.

  10. You know, Pony Girl, I didn't think I talked to Beautiful like a baby until I heard that video for myself. I couldn't believe it. I don't think I talk to my other horses that way (or do I??). She's like a baby to me, I guess. She sure acts like one. She's mischievous!!

  11. Love the video and pictures. A wine tour through Italy - Wow! I would love that:)

  12. Jennifer--It was fun--I'd highly recommend it. Or, if you want a stay-cation--a wine tour through our wonderful state of Washington. We have the best reds.

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