Thursday, January 28, 2010

January: Get More Energy!

My book came today, the one I've been talking so much about, The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun. So far, it's way, way, way better than I expected.

First, I was happy to see, it wasn't a self-help book--it's a MEMOIR!! Second, she's like me--someone who is already happy, but wants to appreciate things more, have more energy to do the things she's already doing--pursue her passions, and be more focused and productive. She knows that life brings challenges--tragedies--and she wants to be prepared for them. Also, she wants to live her life fully, not half-way.

The first chapter is January, and it's about ENERGY--physical energy and mental energy because if we're going to spend a year revamping our lives, we need to have some. She talks about things she did to get it--exercise, getting to bed earlier (preparing for sleep earlier), and decluttering her house.

She inspired me, so here are my ideas and my own personal list for creating more energy in my life:

1. Exercise--walk AT LEAST ten minutes every day so that I don't get out of the habit, but preferably much more. (She wore a $20 pedometer to see how many steps she was taking a day--hoping she'd taken at least 10,000--she barely took 3,000)

2. Drink more water!!

3. Live each day with a purpose--have a daily goal and a list of how I'm going to get there and not get side-tracked. For example, I started this morning by making my list. One of the things on it was to finish an essay I'd been working on before I did anything else. I was tempted to do other things, but followed my own instructions and stayed put until it was finished. Now I'm done and just the thought that it's not hanging over my head has given me lots of energy. Which brings me to number 4--

4. Inertia--objects in motion stay in motion--so I have to keep going.

5. Declutter by bedroom, my barn and my trailer's tack room. I love her names for the different kind of clutter: freebie clutter, nostalgic clutter, bargain clutter, buyer's remorse clutter, aspirational clutter --and on and on.

My hope is that I have more energy this year to reach all of my goals--more time with my children, extended family and my horses, riding my 4 year old C'ya more, getting Beautiful used to a saddle, training for Fun Days with Cowboy, attending my friends' barrel racing competitions, fencing the pastures, gardening, keeping my barn organized (after I declutter) and piano practice and writing.

If you were to make an ENERGY list, what would it look like--or do you already have plenty of it? Some people just come by it naturally, but I can be a little too laid back. Are you one of those Type A, driven women? Maybe you're making a list about how to slow down!


  1. I like your list, I agree with a lot of what you've written. I think I have to read this book!

  2. Jennifer--I've seen all the art you produce, you could write the book on energy. :)

  3. So much of your list could be mine. Definitely walking, which I've been doing for years, covering a couple miles several times a week. It's amazing what a difference it makes not only in energy, but in sleep-quality too. And I started drinking more water about a year ago, adding several sips throughout the day to stay hydrated. Lastly, itineraries. Without one, I'm not focused as I begin the day and don't accomplish as much. It really helps me to put my day down on paper, the day before! Enjoy that book, sounds like she's got great advice.

  4. That doesn't surprise me, Joanne, because you accomplish a lot, too! I must be on the right track. :)

  5. Energy, that is someting I have to work on. I have gotten really lazy this winter for some reason. If I am going to adopt another horse, I have got to have the energy to work with her. So, I have started with Rusty. I think part of it is not eating as correctly as I should.

  6. Lea--Not too many women your age even think about training horses--let alone Mustangs. You're a role model for all of us. I do think what we eat and drink has a very large impact on how we feel. I'm adding water, but I'm also going to start avoiding certain foods. This is a good time of year for fresh veggies and fruit. If nothing else, it helps our minds think of Spring and Summer.

  7. What a list! Sometimes you stumble upon things you really need and today was one. thanks for the push and inspiration. Vicki


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