Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's A New Year 2010

Life is hard.

I could end this post with that one sentence, and it's probably all I'd have to say.

Life is hard, life is hard, life is hard, hard, hard!

********Deep Breath**********

Pity party over. Time to make my New Year's Resolutions so that I can tackle the "HARD" problems life has delivered at my doorstep and be a stronger, wiser, humbler--survivor.

*******Deep Breath**********

My Ten New Year's Resolutions:

1. Spend as much time as I can--QUALITY TIME--with my kids...while I can, while I have this opportunity.

2. Love them, Love them, Love them.

3. Ride horses a lot with my daughter. Have hers saddled and ready to go (or at least ready to go) when she gets off the bus in the late-afternoon and ride over to the arena. More Spring rides, Summer rides, Fall rides.

4. Spend lots of time with all my family. I have two brothers and their families moving back to the area--I'm excited!!

5. Write--finish a couple of short stories I've been working on for a year--in the next month or two.

6. Continue Piano Lessons and expand my chording repertoire.

7. Explore a small business opportunity and see where it goes.

8. Go to more community theater plays.

9. Volunteer at a Nursing Home and play piano there so I can get over my stage fright!

10. Go out on more walks--I started walking on the treadmill and it usurped my daily walks outside--I miss them--they're good for the mind and soul.

How about everyone else? Any resolutions this year?

Good luck with all that in 2010!!

Here is a pictorial look back on 2009 here at Beautiful Mustang--

January '09

Spring Fever--the herd circles Beautiful--before she was released with them.

Tying lessons.

That's better.

First day with the herd--they're taunting her through their runs.

Official Adoption--Yay!

20 Tons of hay from Waitsburg, WA.

Shiloh and her horse, Cowgirl.

Shiloh and me.

Spring reflection--09.

Spring training.

Working with Beautiful.

Cowboy and me.


  1. Love, love, love your resolutions to ride more and the idea of playing at a nursing home to get over your stage fright is a brilliant one. Love all the pictures of your babies (two-legged and four-legged). Hope 2010 is wonderful for you and that you get to meet all of your resolutions.

  2. I love your pictures! I can just feel the happiness that being around your horses brings.
    We have a Horse & burrow rescue center not far from our house in Cross Plains Tenn. Last Oct. they brought in 200 horses and within a few short months they were all adopted.

  3. Great goals, and thank for the year in pictures! May your 2010 be a happy and productive one!

  4. What awesome pictures!!!
    Sounds like you have some great goals set for yourself. I am sure you will accomplish each and every one!
    My only goals are to get more riding in this year, especially on my Paint. And train that silly Mustang of mine, of course!!

  5. Those are all wonderful resolutions for the new year! Love all the pics.

  6. GunDiva--thanks and Happy New Years to you, too! Do you have some resolutions of your own? Our family used to write ours down and put them in a box and tape it up. Then, we'd open it the next year and read through them and whoever achieved most of their goals got the family trophy for Most Resolved! They got to keep the trophy for a year and at the end of the year got a little one to keep permanently. The kids in the family always beat us adults and somehow we lost our tradition. :( Someone needs to head it up again! It was good for the kids.

  7. Judy--that's amazing they were so successful at adopting that many horses! Yay!

  8. Kate--Happy New Years to you--hope your year with horses is also a wonderful one!

    PaintGirl--Good luck with your goals!! I know you have your hands full and this will be an interesting year for you!!! I imagine your new job is going to give you a big bag of training tricks!!

  9. Thanks, Sally! Happy New Year!


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