Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back

I had my riding lesson with Cowboy yesterday at the barn next door. Because of the COLD and ICE, we'd been laid off riding for a couple of weeks. What a mistake!!

Everything was bad. He was sore on his left front where he had the broken P3--probably because of the wet and cold aggravating what may be the beginning of arthritis in that joint.

I don't know which is worse--cold and ice or rainy and cold--but I'm leaning toward rainy and cold as worse. It chills you to the bone, and the MUD! Yuck! I'm actually starting to think snow isn't so bad.

Anyway, back to the lesson, Cowboy was just slightly off, but enough to feel it, and my trainer thought she could see it.

At the beginning of the lesson, when I saddled and rode him over to the arena, he was great--especially for not having been ridden in so long. He was calm and walked out nicely--no jig or spooks--until we got to the property where the arena sits. Then, everything scared him--the box, the cows mooing for what appeared to be a late dinner, the birds that flew out right as he crossed through a puddle/lake. It blew his cool. (I think the cows were the catalyst--they were really worked up).

None of that was a big deal, it was actually fun to work him through it and get him to the arena.

The not-so-fun part of the experience was that he wasn't paying attention during the lesson. Which meant, we had to work on meticulous things--elementary, primary, boring stuff--all lesson. It was like starting again.

Moral of the story: DON'T TAKE TIME OFF.

Let's see, what else has happened in horseville? Beautiful discovered a new trick--waiting until the automatic waterer drains and then pulling the plug out with her teeth. Yep. And, another, sticking her head through the bars and pulling the gutters off the barn. Uh huh. Too smart for her own good--prognosis--easily bored and needs a full-time job.

Other than that, same ole, same ole--all is well, muddy and wet and cold, but well. I'm starting a new blog about my piano lessons because with things slowing down through winter in the horse world and Beautiful doing so well, more of my attention is being directed at piano mastery--a slow process, I'm here to tell you. Things I have to work on: 1.) Stage fright, 2.) Stage fright, 3.) Stage fright, 4.) Everything else.

Hope all is well in your worlds and you're getting time to ride--come rain and mud or snow and ice!

Happy Trails and Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. I know all about that bored mustang thing! They told me I had to let them live in the pasture even if it meant ruining the grass over the winter. Luckily the grass comes back pretty well and there are other pastures.

  2. I think the moral of your story, Don't Take Time Off, is a parallel to so many other parts of life that we work on too. Something to think about.

    Beautiful is just too cute for her own good. I mean, really, how can you ever get angry at that face?

    I like the premise of your new blog, should be interesting to follow you facing your fear ;) Something to learn for all of us from that, I'm sure.

    And finally tonight, the east coast is bracing for a nor'easter, with blizzard conditions along the coast. So with 10-12 inches of fresh snow expected, we're hunkered down at home, ready to cue the White Christmas dvd! Looks like we'll be having a white Christmas of our own :)

    Is there snow cover there in WA? I'd thought you were getting snow not too long ago.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, too! Enjoy this holiday week!

  3. Taking time off sometimes happens - but you're right it's hard to maintain things without regular work. Piano - that's very exciting!

  4. Andrea--I saw your pictures of them having fun in the mud--I guess that's what Beautiful needs. I'm going to switch her back with the herd today--Cowboy needs the rest anyway in the big run--he's off on that foot today worse than before.

    Joanne--I've been watching that storm you're having!!! It's horrible. Looks like it's going to ruin everyone's holiday traveling plans--and make it hard to shop for Christmas. Kind of reminds me of what it looked like here last year.

    Kate--I've been watching Noble's progress--hope you find out soon what's bothering him--I think the tooth is probably right. Good luck.

  5. He probably doesn't understand WHY you took time off, poor thing!

    Would acupuncture help the arthritis?

    My acupuncturist works on thoroughbred race horses and people. She uses acupressure and tuning forks as well as needles. It's amazing how quickly they improve. And they LOVE it -- and her.

    I mean, everyone loves her-- she's a wonderful healer.

  6. Hi Linda,
    Just stopping by with coast-to-coast Christmas greetings :)

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and a very happy, healthy New Year. Good food, good cheer, good company ... Enjoy the holidays!


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