Friday, November 6, 2009

A Survival Story from the 3-Strikes Ranch Nightmare

I'm not sure if this will embed. If not, click here to see the story of Thistle, a Mustang removed from the 3-Strikes Ranch in Alliance, Nebraska.

The story of the 3-Strikes Ranch was a shocking one to me. I'd found their website and blog after adopting Beautiful Girl, and it looked like a great opportunity for Mustangs. They said they were going to bring the 3-Strikes horses (after 3 strikes, Mustangs aren't taken to adoptions anymore) and let them run free on this ranch which, I believe, incorporated thousands of acres.

It didn't happen that way.

They let them run free, yes, but they didn't feed them. On April 19, 2009, they did some fly overs of the ranch and saw that many of the horses had died, many couldn't get up, and most were emaciated. Out of over 200 there on the ranch, I believe, 74 wild horses and burros died. Click here for news Article from that day.

I don't have anything to say about it--the facts speak for themselves. But the video from the Humane Society and Parelli (above) about the Wild Mustang they named Thistle, is heart-warming. It really highlights the integrity of Mustangs, and horses in general and the beauty of the horse/human relationship when done right.


  1. It brought tears to my eyes to see the horses at THAT ranch! But, I'm glad to see that Thistle has a good home now and people who love him! What a great little horse! On the HSUS site, I also watched the video on horse tripping. MY GOSH! That's AWFUL!!!!

  2. Cheryl--I saw that video, but didn't watch it, just the thought made me sick!


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