Monday, November 30, 2009

Beautiful Spots a Young Buck

Wild looking at...


I wonder if Beautiful feels more at home with this deer than she does with my domestic herd.

This was her last day in the pasture with the others. I decided to move her back to her private stall on the other side of the barn so I can work with her more. (And, get her groomed!)

She was happy to be "home". She remembered her old stall and turnout well and performed many leaps of joy as she ran the perimeter.

Maybe she was just happy to escape Cowgirl! I think she needed a break from our alpha mare.

More pictures tomorrow.


  1. There's something so mesmerizing about Beautiful that I don't see in the photos of your other horses. It has to be that wild essence, in her stance, her attention, her eyes. Almost like there's something there, some secret, that we can learn from her, about life.

  2. I'm sure that's true. My domestic herd has never ran free. They don't know what that's like, and honestly, I don't know if they'd like it after a few hours. Beautiful was young when she was brought in, but she was thoroughly imprinted in the wild. She spends a lot of her day standing away from the others, looking off into the woods. And, she picks up what's going on around her often, if not always, before the others.

    You made me think about what we could learn from her--I'd say vigilance, for one.

  3. Beautiful stands full of grace and is as she gazes and appreciates the beauty around her.

  4. Beautiful blends into the background just like any other wild thing.
    I have to bring Wildairo in soon so the cattle can be brought in. He loves his freedom and so I know he's going to be mad. I'd let him winter with the cattle but I'm afraid he'll chase them.

  5. Judy--that was nicely said!

    Arlene--She does blend well, doesn't she? Maybe she's part deer. Poor Wildairo. He's going to be so sad to be brought in!!


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