Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Autumn

November has been more pleasant than October this year. I really enjoy the morning chores with the sun shining as it is and the barn walls to block whatever wind is blowing.

I've been locking the horses out of their stalls during the day so that they stay somewhat clean. I'm able to tidy them up each morning in about a half an hour--six stalls, one wheelbarrow full--not bad.

The horses are all fat and sassy and full of themselves. They've kept good boundaries with me, but I see them playing with each other quite a bit. They don't seem grumpy, like they did when the temps dropped into the teens, just mischievous--especially Beautiful. (A reminder to me about why they put the little ones in their place.)

Last weekend I planted 200 bulbs--tulips, daffodils, narcissus, and Iris. It was hard work, but I'm sure I'll be happy I did in the Spring. They're always the first things to flower after winter. I blogged about it with pictures on my Emily Dickinson's Garden blog.

Also, since we live out in the somewhat boonies--although, we're a mere five minutes from Spokane, we've always had lousy Internet--Hughes Net--to be specific. Well, we switched over yesterday to Verizon Broadband with their new MiFi--five users can use one hot spot. It is giving me exceptional service. I didn't realize how much time I was wasting in life waiting for pages to load--and I've never been able to upload video. This new system will give me the ability to post better quality photos and video in the future! I'm excited.

Hope everything is well at your autumn homes--and barns!

Happy Trails today.


Lea, at Lea and Her Mustangs, has suggested we all name something we're thankful for each day until Thanksgiving. I don't blog every day, but I will do this every day that I do blog.

Today I'm going to be thankful for the thing that, without which, I wouldn't want to be here--my family--all of them. Kids, grandkids, mom and dad, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters--husband--I'm blessed and my children are blessed to have a large, loving family.


  1. How beautiful your home will be in the spring full of color! I always have good intentions of planting bulbs but then never get to it.

    I am thankful for the many beautiful horses that are in my Tennessee landscape everyday.

  2. I love this time of year, the gray, cold November days, the slant of sunlight, the longer evenings as we settle inside. Today, I'm thankful for them.

  3. Judy--I envy you living Tennessee--I know how beautiful it is there!

    Joanne--I echo your thankful sentiments--Autumn and winter are a gift.

  4. I appreciate the beauty and the gifts of autumn and winter too. The time right before the winter solstice is such a great time to step back and reflect and offer up appreciation for all that is.

    One question, though -- Linda, how DO you keep the deer from eating the tulips? Or maybe you don't have the deer problem that I have. I have planted hundreds of bulbs, watched them grow with the buds poking up, ready to open with the promise of beautiful color, only to find a patch of sticks in the morning, like so many lollipop sticks with the sucker sucked off!

  5. Hi Laura--that's a good question. The ones I planted around the house last Spring didn't have a problem, but this is the first time I planted them way out--maybe the deer will get them. We have dogs, though, so I'm hoping they continue to keep the deer off the property.


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