Saturday, November 7, 2009

Abscess Pictures

Here is a shot of Red's hoof at the tip of the abscess. It's the indention at the toe. I took this shot two days ago, the last time I wrapped it, and he's back to a hundred percent today, so I imagine when I take off the wrap today there will be a blow out. (I'll post that shot tomorrow.)

Actually, I'm pretty excited to see what happened, but he's still eating his breakfast and I don't want to disturb him.

Here are the supplies needed to mix the Sugardine and wrap the hoof: Sugar, Iodine, and Duct tape. And, by the way, you should get a helper when you do this. I didn't have a helper, and it wasn't easy holding the hoof up, tearing off duct tape, and wrapping it. I've done it all week by myself. I used to have a helper, but as you know, she got a real job and now I'm solo.

Here's the finished product. Nice and wrapped and still holding strong today, two days later. (Pat myself on the back).

When I fed this morning I threw out the yummy alfalfa, as usual, but Shadow (aka PIG) and Beautiful did not want to eat the good stuff. Instead, they went for the round bale. Maybe horses really do know what they need. Hmmmmmm....nah! They're pigs.

Speaking of eating--this Creamy Garlic Sauce by Culinary Treasures (only sold at Costco) is my idea of food heaven. I found it last Spring and bought one bottle, came home, sauted some chicken, dumped the sauce on top, and put it all over a bed of Jasmine Rice. Yum! The whole family went crazy over it.

I went back to Costco to buy more--lots more--and they were clearancing it out! Ahhhh! I bought about twelve bottles to be safe. Then, as those bottles started to disappear, I wrote the company, based in Canada, and asked them where else I could buy it.

Their answer: No where else. Only Costco. It was a temporary item!

I write Costco and beg them to bring it back. Then, yesterday, I'm shopping at Costco and I look up the aisle and what do I see....

Uh huh. Food heaven.


  1. I've had to duct tape a horse's hoof by myself before, and what I found to help was to have a bunch of pre-cut strips ready. Actually, I would take and lay like three across one way, and then three the other way over the top of that for the bottom of the hoof, put that on, and then kinda go from there (it's been a few years, lol). Good luck with him healing all up!

    Friend of mine, years ago, her gelding had an abscess so bad they did x-rays and not sure if the vet just read them wrong or what, but they thought he'd broken a bone. She had a show she had to coach at over the weekend, so she figured she'd decide what to do (if she had to put him down) over the weekend, she got back, the abscess had blown, and all was well.

  2. It looks like your horses have their winter coats already? Also, I noticed that Beautiful is still very tuned in to you. Do you see her ears turned back, listening to you behind her while she eats?

  3. Froglander--What a good idea to put the three on three like that first. I'll try that next time. If there is a next time, which I'm sure there will be.

    I'm not surprised about the xray thing--I've had my own issues, but it was the opposite way--a broken bone they thought was an abscess.

    Joanne--Yes, they do have their winter coats--I'm not sure if they're in 100 percent, probably not, but they're close. Beautiful is still very tuned in, as you noticed. She's a lover-girl. The only time she ever gives me any problem is when the alpha mare is around. Beautiful is very scared of her and won't relax until I lock her in. If I ride off on Cowboy, Beautiful will stop whatever she's doing, even if it's eating and run to the edge of the pasture and watch us until she can't see us anymore--then run back when she's us coming home. It might have something to do with the Mustang loyalty everyone talks about. They seem to bond hard with one person.

  4. I have also had to wrap hooves in duck tape by myself, not a very easy task. But somehow got it done!
    Glad Red is doing so much better!
    Our horses prefer the cheaper local grass hay to the expensive stuff, just a couple weeks ago, we got some really good grass hay, and Brandy turned up her nose at it. Wouldn't touch it at all. We ended up having to throw out some of the cheaper hay for her. I can't feed Alfalfa to my horses, too much protein!! Although, Chance gets a flake of Alfalfa a day mixed with all the grass hay she gets, growing baby needs more protein!

  5. Froglander--I just tried your trick with the 3 strips on 3 strips of tape and it worked great--much easier. I didn't have sugardine falling all over the place. Thanks for the tip.

    Paint Girl--Horses are funny, aren't they? You never know what they're going to choose to eat. This round bale thing is working out GREAT!! The first day I did it, they fought over it, but now they've settled in and all five stand together and eat normally. They all look great. The round bale ended up lasting me 10 days--but then again, I supplemented with alfalfa.

  6. For the record, Costco seems to be out of the Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce again!


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