Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These Boots Aren't Made for "Mudnure"

My Suffolk Tuffa Boots came today from Back in the Saddle. I thought I'd write a review about them just in case someone else is seriously interested in purchasing a pair.

First, I ordered the European 39 because I'm an 8.5 and that's what they recommended. When they arrived, however, they were much too big. I called Back in the Saddle and they said I could return those, but the refund would take 4-6 weeks, so they recommended I buy another pair in the meantime. They didn't charge me shipping again on the new order--but I had to ask for that favor.

Today the boots arrived--the size 38 Suffolk--two-tone. They seemed much lighter than in the picture, but I'm waiting to hear back from Tuffa boots to see if they need to be conditioned to bring out the darker tones. As for the fit, they have the velcro sides, so they can accomodate a number of calf sizes. I have large calves and most English style boots do not fit me--but these do.

They're a tight squeeze on, but once the foot is in, it's pretty cozy. They're lined with fur on the inside--so very warm.

However, I have a hard time imagining myself out in what Tracey, at Mustang Diaries, refers to as the MUDNURE. In fact, the more it rains and I remember exactly what mudnure really is, the harder time I have imagining myself out wearing those boots in it.

But that's what I bought them for, so I'm going to do it! They might not be the barn to town boots they were billed as after I'm done.

Tomorrow is my next Western Dressage lesson. I'm going to use a different saddle this time. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures for the blog when I'm done.

And, we had a tree delivered yesterday. It's a Heritage Birch---I'm guessing 25' tall. They said it would weight 400 lbs, ha ha, it weighs over 1000. Our tractor couldn't even lift it, so there it sat on the road to the barn...

Pretty sad. I get very attached to my plants--and I had to go out throughout the day and talk to this tree. Is that crazy?? I don't think so. I believe a living thing, even as quiet and seemingly lifeless as this tree, has a spirit of some sort that understands when it's being spoken to.

My husband and I went out this evening and used the truck and tractor to get our new birch to its permanent spot. We worked in the dark, so I'm a little concerned about how it will look tomorrow morning.

Pictures to follow....


  1. Your new boots look nice and cozy.
    That is one big tree!! Can't wait to see the after picture.
    Good luck at your lesson!!

  2. "Mudnure" - I love it! Or, rather I don't in real life and we have plenty of it around here, particularly in our winter dry lots.

  3. Hm, I suppose it's good to have a pair of boots dedicated to that "chore," but we concur here that those books look too fashionable for the job at hand!

    I love birch trees, and am glad you talked it through the day. I suspect it'll be very happy there on your farm :)

  4. ... those "boots" look too fashionable ...

  5. That is a neat tree - can't wait to see pics of it in the ground :) Nice boots we will have to see how muddy the new place gets so far not too bad!

  6. Hi Linda-

    I stumbled across your blog b/c I too am struggling with choosing the right size of the Suffolk boot. I ordered a pair from Back in the Saddle and they arrived today. I think of myself as a US size 7 (though the last time I was measured I was told I am between a 6 1/2 / 7), so I ordered a EU size 37. They are very roomy, but rather than feeling a whole size too big, they seem more like a 1/2 size too big. My calves are just too fat for these boots, so I am returning them and looking to buy a pair of broad calf Suffolks from a UK site. Before I make my decision and spend the money, can you tell me just how big your 39s felt compared to the 38s?


    Thank you,
    Jess Moore

  7. Hello-hello, Jess. I wrote this review so that anyone who is thinking about purchasing a pair can get some extra info--so glad you found me.

    I've been using my Suffolk boots since they arrived and I conditioned them. They are not the barn to town boots I imagined because there is a lot of mud at my place and they have deep grooves in the sole for traction.

    I've also heard complaints about the soles coming off and the lack of waterproofing--but I think the reason the soles come off is because they are such a tight fit--like skin--going on and off--people probably push on the heel with the other foot to pry them off. I'm being careful. As for the waterproofing--the Saddle Soap seemed to solve that problem.

    Now to finally answer your question--I'm an 8 to 8.5 and the 38s fit with a little room to spare. They are, however, a bit tight to squeeze into in that ankle portion. It gets better every day, so I'm hoping the leather will conform with time. Once in, my feet are pretty darn cozy.

    I do not like that they made it so tight in that ankle portion because it also squishes up your jeans when you're tucking them in. Even my English style riding pants with the boot fit--and the foot cover--still bunches up. So..too tight.

    I think you're right in saying 1/2 size too big--but people sometimes think of buying boots extra large for thick socks--in my opinion, they need to stay true to size and then think 1/2 size too big.

    Hope this helps, but if you have any more question, don't hesitate to ask!


  8. Let me add one more thought about these boots--I was saying that the ankle portion of the boot is too tight for tucking in pants properly--I think Tuffa could solve this problem by bringing the zipper down to the ankle rather than mid-calf--that way you could tuck in your pant leg and then zip it up. It would solve the problem of the sole being pryed off as well. :)

  9. ***Another thought*** The fur that lines the inside of the boot begins to push down when you wear them a few times, creating yet more room. The 38's are getting roomier and roomier every day--I'd say I have an inch or so to the toe.

  10. Linda-

    Thanks for all the info on the boots. I'm not sure if I will be able to order a pair from the UK after all. One of the vendors I contacted wants £100 just to ship. Geez! I ordered a dressage saddle from the UK last Feb. and was charged £30 for freight shipping. £100 = $163! Crazy!

    I am going to contact Tuffa and see if they will distribute the wide calf boots through Back in the Saddle. It's a long shot, but who knows, right?

    The most frustrating thing about the whole thing is that I am actually pretty small. I just have very stocky calf bones. Tall boots are not easy to find. *Sigh*

    Thanks again,



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