Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, Cover the Hay

It's raining today, and I do mean raining! I haven't seen it this wet for a long time.

We have five round bales of Timothy which were delivered yesterday ($40.00 for an 850 lb bale--net wrapped) sitting out there getting soaked! I guess we're going to have to hurry and feed it. Which is never a problem, my horses will eat through a bale like that in no time.

This is supplemental hay to augment the 20 tons of alfalfa we purchased from Waitsburg in July. Horses like to graze all day; it cuts down on behavioral issues and helps them generate heat. This hay will serve that purpose--give them something to chew on, as they say.

Here's little Ezzy, the new barn kitty, chasing around #42. She's been good at staying at the barn when 42 goes on her adventures! Which, by the way, we've been hearing more and more details about from the neighbors whom she apparently visits.

And Ezzy making herself look big and scary for the dogs!

Here's my sweet goat, English, being curious. English was a bottle-fed kid. She's very smart. Also, she doesn't like to be locked in, and has a long history of finding ways to escape enclosure.

And, since it's raining today, the gutters are doing their job of directing the rain-water off the roof and out to the sides of the barn. Notice in the picture my husband has discovered yet another use for twine!

Here's a picture of my boots being worn out at the barn--a self-shot portrait, as you can see by the perspective. I've thought about and blogged about these boots a lot this last week. Each day I wear them they do become more comfortable. They're at the point now where I can slip my foot right in, rather than unzipping them.

One of my thoughts about these boots this weekend, as I worked to get the mud out of the deep grooves, was the concept of "barn to town" apparel. I'm thinking that if you're going to wear these boots to town, you probably aren't using them for the kind of chores I am. Maybe they're referring to people who board their horses at an upscale barn where they just have to show up and ride and groom, because I can't really see them mucking out stalls like I mucked this weekend and then taking a trip to the mall.

Speaking of barn apparel, who out there in the blogosphere owns an LL Bean Field Coat? Don't you think they're the absolute best for working around the barn? I got one this year that has the liner for the cold days, and I just love it. If you don't already have one, you might want to check into them--they may just end up being your favorite coat ever, and they last forever!


  1. Is #42 a calico? How did she get her name?

    I don't have any barn-to-town clothes - I expect your theory is right - nothing I wear to the barn stays clean enough to go anywhere else. In fact I have trouble keeping all of my clothes from turning into barn clothes!

  2. I'm with Kate...if I wear it to the arn it's not fit to wear anywhere else. Nice looking boots though. I always had to laugh when I'd see the Ralph Lauren ads with the model and the way I could wear something like that to the barn...has to be the people who get handed the reins, get on, ride, get off, and hand off the reins to someone else.

  3. My clothes are only home-to-town, but I still love ll bean. They opened a store the next town over a couple years ago, and it's great to stop in and browse. My favorite bean item is a red barn coat, perfect for this time of year.

  4. Hi Kate. 42 was a rescue cat from here in Spokane. They tagged them as they pulled them from the house--she was #42 out of 80. Many of them were euthanized--all of them had respiratory infections. She's been a real character. And you make a good point about all of our clothes being "barn clothes". Although, I'm starting to be more careful.

    WilsonC--Funny! Wouldn't it be nice to be handed the reins and take off? **Sigh** I was thinking of that this weekend as I did the barn work--how much time is spent with the chores rather than riding, but it gives me time with them in a different way. Still, would I miss it if someone volunteered to come over here and muck the stalls?!? Probably not.

    Joanne--You're in LLBean country!! Their barn coats are the best. I got the plum and chocolate coat this year. I'd had the saddle and baby blue coats before and they lasted a long time with no real signs of wear. I only replaced them because I wanted the plum and chocolate colors--and I wanted one with the lining because it's going to be my main winter barn coat. I might have to muck my own stalls, but at least I can be comfortable and warm doing it! :)

  5. I can't wear my barn clothes to the mall. I literally smell like horse pee, poop, dirt, shavings etc. I have to take blankets off horses all day, and the ones that insist on sleeping in their pee, yeah, it sticks right to me!! I must come home and change if I have to go anywhere!!
    Love the cats!! Looks like they are having fun, and the rain, I so feel your pain. We have been getting rain non-stop, wind, thunder and lightening. It just won't end!!

  6. I've not got an LLBean. Muck Boots are part of my daily attire this time of year, of course, and Darling and I were gifted with Carharts as part of our sponsorship package from Equiscience. Can't wait to see how cozy they keep us while we're riding!


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