Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Early Winter?

It's the same place, but so much colder. I don't remember ever having to worry about frozen water dishes this early in October. The horses are already furry, and a bit grumpy at their morning feedings. I don't love going out there in 20 degree weather either, but I remind myself that they just spent the night in temps in the teens.

The teens!!??!! How did it get so cold?

I've pulled out my black, insulated riding pants, all my coats, even my down-filled one, my gloves, my hats, my thick socks, my undershirts from REI, and my scarves. It's COLD!

However, the sun does heat it up in the day to where all you need is a sweater or jacket, a scarf and boots--which is great for me. I love boots, scarves and jackets.

Yesterday my husband worked out of town and I stayed to spend time with the kids. I had the morning with my daughter before she went to work, and the afternoon with my son for what he called...

MOM and SON day!

How fun is that? We went shopping for more jeans and long-sleeved shirts for him--and beanies to keep his head and ears warm. Then we shopped for scarves for me, and afterward sat and had berry smoothies while we waited for our movie, The Invention of Lying, to start. Funny movie.

Some great deals on scarves at Cocos in the Valley Mall--

Afterward, we drove through the two pound restaurant--I mean, Panda Express, where you always gain at least two pounds, and brought it home and ate, then sat together and studied his Science--the Chapter on States of Matter--Solids, Liquids and Gases, you know. The kind of stuff I always think about---or NOT.

Before dark, I went out and fed the horses and dug out Cowgirl's hoof--the one she's limping on again! I don't have a clue, and neither does the farrier, how she injures it, but she occasionally favors this same hoof. She is a horse who cribs a lot, so I can never lock her in the stall, but a week or so ago I did, and then she had this problem. It always comes up after I lock her in, so my best guess is that she uses it to pound and paw the ground and rails.

The barn cats are surviving the cold. They seem to enjoy being locked in their cat house together. We put a heater and a heating pad in it to help take the extreme cold off of them. Despite that, yesterday morning their water dish was frozen.

This cold knocked off all the tomatoes and flowers, too. The Dahlias turned black the first day it froze--the tomatoes, too--and I never did get a ripe one! The grass is starting to turn a lighter shade of green and all the annuals--Petunias, Geraniums, Alyssum, are wilting.

Could this be an early Winter or is it just a brutal start to Fall that will recede back to wherever it came from and leave us with our 60 degree, "crisp", but not cold, days?

BTW, today is stall cleaning day--the true test of our love for our horses. I'm looking forward to it--gotta work off that Panda Express!!


  1. I know, it feels like it was just Spring, and you began your other Gardening blog! We didn't have much of a summer here, very rainy so a poor tomato crop. We're looking at temps in the 50s this week, perfect for me, and for the crew who is half way through siding our house. And lovin' those scarves, btw, particularly the zebra and leopard print, keepin' it rocking there on the west coast!

  2. My gardening blog--it really helped me accomplish a lot around here! But we must not have had much of a summer either since I didn't get one ripe tomato!! I'm glad to hear that they're half way through the siding on your house--bet you'll love that. Nothing tranforms a house like new siding and paint!!

  3. Yes...trying to find ALL the winter gear. Ugh...I hate winter.


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