Monday, October 12, 2009

Does Anyone Know These Boots?

Today is October 12th, my husband's and my 7th Anniversary. So much has happened since then--'02: successes, failures, heartaches, happinesses, losses, gains, moves and changes--but when I look back I just see joy.

He wasn't a horse person to start with, but because I am, he's climbed aboard more than one and took his chances. He's learned to install automatic, heated waterers, build fence, hang gates, buck hay, build stalls that can't be kicked down, grow pasture grass, kill weeds, and as you know, about a million other things associated with the horse life.

He's my good, good friend, and going through life with a good friend at your side is a gift. He's also my help-mate--without which, I would not live on a horse property or have so many horses, and I'm not referring to the financial part of it, though obviously horses are expensive, I'm referring to the amount of work involved in maintaining a ranch. I couldn't do it without him. Period.

So, what do boots and our anniversary have in common? (I think everything in my life has something in common with boots--oddly enough--or, at least, I try to make it have something in common). This year, boots are my annivesary gift from my husband. Warm, mucking boots, every girl's dream.

Here is their description: Suffolk Ladies Boot

Designed by Tuffa Boots of England, this winter boot is loaded with features: robust rubber sole and an oiled nubuck leather upper that’s also treated with Scotchgard water repellent. The gusseted opening zips for easy on/off, with Velcro fastenings for a perfect fit. And the fine sheepskin lining means there’s no need for bulky socks---your feet will be warm and toasty with a lightweight sock. Great for riding, barn chores or wearing around town in messy winter weather. Made in Portugal. Color: Brown/camel. European sizes: 36 (US 5 1/2-6), 37 (US 6 1/2-7), 38 (US 7 1/2-8), 39 (US 8 1/2-9), 40 (US 9 1/2), 41 (US 10), 42 (US 10 1/2-11)

I've looked at these boots for years now, always wanting them, always wondering if they're worth the investment. Does anyone have a pair? Have a friend who has a pair? Does anyone know anything about European sizes? I've bought European sandals, but not boots.

I'm an 8 1/2--so would a 39 be too big for me or just right? It says 39 = 8.5-9, and my daughter is a size 9. So, does this mean she'll steal my boots from me? She does do that, you know. (And Shiloh, if you're reading this, you know it's true!) wink.


  1. Those boots look awesome! Please let us know how you like them if you get a pair.

    Happy Anniversary! :-)

  2. The boots look really nice! I can wear anywhere from a 7-1/2 to an 8-1/2 depending on the shoe/boot and I have a pair of tall english riding boots that are a 39 and a pair of dansko paddock boots that are a 38. I definitely don't think the 39 would be too big, I found (after it was too late) that the 38 was too small (my second toe ended up hitting the end, I never find these things out until after I have worn them outside of course). So I know nothing about that particular boot, but I think the size 39 sounds about right from other european sized boots I have had.

  3. Raising my coffee cup in an Anniversary toast! Wishing you both a whole latte peace and happiness :)

  4. Happy anniversary!

    Those boots look awesome...It would be a shame to get them dirty though! The Brits seem to have lots of cool looking tall boots. Not sure how the European sizes fit...

  5. Thanks for the congrats, everyone.

    I talked to my daughter about the boots a few minutes ago and turns out, she has worn a pair! She reminded me that she told me about these boots a year ago after having worn them at a friend's house to take care of the horses. She says they are the MOST comfortable and warm boots you will ever wear!! So, I ordered a 39.

  6. Congratulations! You're a gal after my own heart! Guess what I got for my 37th anniversary last month! A Hoof Jack! I'm learning how to trim hooves so I don't have to be at the mercy of farriers any more!

    I'm also grateful to my husband for helping with all of the chores and for supporting me with my horse habit. He loves horses but can't ride much any more due to his arthritis. But he's very attached to them and enjoys them, lucky for me!

    Love the boots! I think a 39 would be perfect. I wear a 7-1/2 to 8, and I wear 38s in Danskos and other European brands.

  7. Happy Anniversary - today is our anniversary too. 52 years.......Can you believe it. I got a day of Bob's undivided attention and roses.

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    Those look like some really nice boots!

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    I don't blame you for coveting those boots - enjoy them!

  10. Wow...nice boots. Did ya get a pair?

  11. Yes, I did get the boots, but they're not here yet. When they get here I'll have my son take one of his "GREAT" pictures of me. He's taking a photography course, but he seems to think it's funny to snap pics when I'm adjusting my belly fat. :)

  12. I've got the River Boots, by the same company, and I love them. I'm a solid eight and I wear the 38. I've had heaps of compliments on mine. Right now, they're covered in mud, but they stand up to it. I'm eying these as an addition to my collection. I'll bet you'll love them.

    Lynn Warhurst/Georgia, USA

    1. I'll look them up. Mine are still going strong and I imagine will last me the rest of my life. Thanks for the recommend.


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