Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Window Arrived

A little side-tracking into the decorating mode again--

The picture--I mean, window--arrived! It took only 3 days to get to Spokane--now that's service!

It's pretty much exactly as described. The glass is a bit bowed out in some places, there is a slight crack in one of the panels and it needed some final cleaning and scraping. I spent about three hours working on it. The good thing is, the glass all seemed tight.

What I love about stained glass is how it takes on totally different stories depending on the angle and the light coming through or reflecting against it. And, the thing I love about this piece, in particular, is its originality and age.

It's old--and I wish I knew more of its history. I'm thinking someone who really knows stained glass could date the jewels and glass in the piece. I was told early 1900's from Hyde Park.

I like that there's room around it to still see out to the pasture. There aren't any horses in that pasture right now, but when there are, I like to see them.

When I started looking at windows (before I chose this one) I came across a really good deal on leaded windows from a 1905 house here in Spokane. They were practically giving them away, so I bought several and hung in my dining room and down off the patio--to give it the french door look without having to invest in french doors.

On another note--and the subject of my next post--Coyotes and Barn Cats. Have any ideas about that one?

I get so attached to my "barn" cats--I can't stand the thought of them getting eaten up by coyotes or caught by the Great Horned Owls around here. So, my husband and I built a cat house in our barn this weekend. Our plan is to let them out during the day and put them up around 4:00 pm--before it gets dark. They're pretty good about staying in the barn and mousing--so it should keep them alive.

I'll take some pictures of the cat house and write more about this on my next blog. I imagine it's an issue on every farm--and you probably all have some suggestions of your own about how to keep them safe.


  1. Oh! That window is even prettier than the first picture you posted! Awesome!

  2. The window is amazing - you sure made the right choice!

  3. That window on your staircase was a large canvas just waiting for that stained glass ... gorgeous! And I love the way you hung the leaded windows, I'd never seen that done before. Very distinguishing. Now, here's the loaded question ... Any fancy windows in the cat house ;)

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone.

    A friend of mine once told me, when I decorated another of my homes in old windows, that windows are symbolic of looking to the future.

    I would add my own interpretation--that old windows are symbolic of looking to the future through the lens of the past. :)

    Joanne--I have thought of putting an old window in the cat house when I find a small one that says "CAT HOUSE!" I'll be looking. Right now it's very, very simple because I was in a big hurry to get something up. But it will be EASY to frame in a window or two in the future--and add more elements--like maybe an old, antique screen door. YARD SALES!!!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful window!! Love it!
    Oh, I got all upset when you mentioned coyotes and cats! Only because I have a cat that's been missing for almost 4 weeks now, and I am pretty sure he was a coyote's dinner. I was so devastated when he didn't come home. I am so glad you are making a cat house, and keeping your cats in at night! Can't wait to see how it turns out!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  6. Paint Girl--that is sad about your cat. I'm going to blog about my experience with missing cats today or tomorrow--hopefully.

    I'm going to be watching you and your new Mustang. I'll add a link to your site at my side bar. Good luck with that project!!

  7. What a lovely window! I'd love to get something like that in here to cute the place up a bit.

    We're missing a hen and a cat. We've seen a coyote. :(


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