Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pictures from the Barnyard

I've been giving this big butt theory a lot of thought since reading Kara's blog--and Andrea's. Are Mustang's (that don't have QH or draft blood) destined to scrawny hind ends?

I have always been partial to horses with big butts, and I have a barnyard full of fatties to prove it. Beautiful, on the other hand, is not a big butted horse. What does that mean for her? Maybe BIG isn't always better?

Cowgirl, Foundation QH, is big. She has a sweet lope powered from behind and a nice soft up and down motion in front. Her stops are from the rear, and they're strong. She was bred to work cows and fast sprints, quick turns and hard stops are common in that line of work.

Beautiful, on the other hand, is a Mustang who lived in the desert. From what I understand, they had to use their hooves a lot to dig for food, climb rocky mountains and run from predators. Would nature cull a herd to produce short, lean horses rather than big, muscley ones? Maybe the times of famine and drought would kill of the big ones?

Anywho--I'm curious about how she'll turn out. She is, after all, only two, and a lot can change, but the basics are there at any age. How will it be to ride a horse who is steep in front and doesn't have much of a hiney?

We have a new addition to the barn--Shiloh's addition--Ezzy the kitten. She adopted her about a month ago from the feed store. Of course, Shiloh chose the sickliest one of the bunch with the oozing eyes. But, as predicted, she has grown healthy and hearty.

I told Shiloh she was on her own with this one!!

But it never works like that, does it? They go off with their boyfriends, school and work, and who has to listen to the crying kitty? Me. Who sits in the barn to play with her? Me. Who feeds and waters her? Well, sometimes me.

So, here's my--I mean, Shiloh's, new kitty--Ezzy. Welcome to the house--um, I mean, BARN!!


  1. I agree with you. A wild horse has to dig through the snow for grass and had to break ice to drink. It must take a lot of calories to maintain the big muscle bound body of the modern QH.

    I've seen mustangs in all shapes and sizes so I think people who think they know the mustang type don't know what they are talking about.

    Ezzy is so cute. She reminds me of a cat I had called Oliver. He was one of the best cats I've ever had.

  2. My QH gets an extra flake of alfalfa every day compared to my two mustangs. And, he is a LOT bigger than they are! He has a nice, big ol' butt!


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