Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need Help With a Decision

This is not an important decision in the larger scheme of things, but it's important to me since I have to live with it. It's a decision about a stained glass window.

In my mind, I've done the test. I imagine that I have both (I have neither yet), but have to get rid of one--which would I choose to keep? The old one.

I've always collected old, distressed windows from farm houses, and I LOVE them. I don't know why, but I do. They speak to me.

I used to have them on almost every wall, but now I'm down to two--the one above my bed:

And the one above my front door (with a cracked panel--I LoVe the crack!)-

This is the window I need to fill. See how lonely it looks? No personality whatsoever. And, it doesn't serve a real purpose way up there except to let light in. I have to stand on the upper level just to see out of it.

I plan to paint the walls around it "River Mud"--it's a brownish green. Right now, they're the color the house came with, "Macadamia".

Here are my choices to hang there.

The first is an old window from the early 1900's. It was taken out of a house in Hyde Park. The frame is distressed--there is a little bowing--and some streaks in one of the panels--although the rest is intact--all glass is original.

The second choice is a reproduction of a Tiffany piece. It's called "The Tree of Life". I like the symbolism, but it just seems too "Home Interiors" to me. What do you think?

My piano is from 1917--my dining room table is distressed farmhouse style--I want my home to say OLD FARMHOUSE.

Which window should I choose? In reality, I've already chose, but my husband leans more toward the Tree of Life piece. My heart is all over the distressed window. Am I crazy?


  1. omg, no contest here. I side with you. Everything about what you said cries out for old farmhouse, and I love that old window, with its distressed frame and streaks. Imperfections lend character and history. There's a story in that window. And the amber against the turquoise, well, to quote your horse's name ... Beautiful! I vote old, with a clause to maybe use the new somewhere else?

  2. Joanne--you think like I do! Unfortunately, I don't actually own either of these pieces yet. That's my delimma. I have to choose one to purchase and they are both about the same price--the old window a bit cheaper--but has to be shipped out here. The seller of the old window swears that it's even more beautiful in real life--and I believe her. :)

  3. I like the old, first stained glass one better - it fits what you describe.

  4. I love the first one too! Wow! its old and will feel of history! I love the medalion in the middle, it will catch so much more light than the tree.

  5. Thanks, for both of your votes! The medallion is what sold it to me. Stunning. I ended up buying it!! yay! I don't know when it will get here--they say they're shipping it freight, so could be a long while. I'll take some pictures when I get it up there--and maybe this will motivate me to do the painting. I bought the paint a YEAR ago!!

  6. Oh, I would take the old one. It is beautiful. When we moved out here I had to leave my old window out of the house I grew up in in the house. I still drive by once in a while and look at it.

  7. Maybe someday you can get that window, Lea! Wouldn't that be cool?

    I ended up buying the old window!! Yay. I'm excited.

    It doesn't match that area perfect now, but I want to use it at the focal point and then draw from it for the pain, etc. I choose.

    I had an art teacher once in college (I dropped his class because it was so darn hard--I thought art was supposed to be easy!) but before I dropped it, he said NEVER buy art to match your house--always buy art you love and then you'll want to change your house to match it.

    That's how I feel about this window.

  8. rather than "pain" that would be paint! My "t" isn't working very well.

  9. Linda, that's a beautiful window! I think you made the right choice. Ha - "too Home Interiors!' Too funny! I remember being invited to those parties years ago. Are they still around?

  10. Congrats on buying the window! Be sure to post a picture when it's all set in place. It'll look beautiful, most definitely. And thanks for asking about the hiatus, it's just about done. I'll be back later this week,right about the time some major home improvements begin (speaking of home design here!) New siding, roofing, windows too ... Should be crazy around the house for awhile!


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