Monday, September 28, 2009

Few and Far Between: Rides With My Daughter

Last Saturday was the Ribbon Ride for Moms Daughters and Horses. They're always a lot of fun--just getting out on our horses and riding the trails--looking for ribbons. The ribbon hiders--our husbands--outdid themselves this year--really making us work for them.

Here are some pictures of me with my daughter--and her with her horse. We had a great day.


  1. What a lovely post - I have two daughters, 18 and 20, and I know what you mean - we're mostly getting through to the adult stage, but we've had some hard times on and off getting this far.

  2. How wonderful it is that the two of you share a love of horses, kind of like a perfect bridge between you. Sharing a passion like that certainly helps to deepen your bond, regardless of other distractions, no? I've found that with my daughters, our relationship has grown deeper with each passing year, experience, road travelled. A shared history keeps us close.

  3. Kate--it's good to hear that you've gotten to the other side. Having only one daughter, this is my first experience.

    Joanne--I've written back and forth with one of your daughters, so I know that the two of you are very much alike and close.

    I am happy I share horses with Shiloh--it does give us something to bring us together. I know the stage she's going through is not easy. I remember it well. It's hard to enter the adult world--jobs, school--friends--family--more and more responsibilities. It's tough for anyone to find a balance with that much going on!

  4. Stop scaring me! Darling is fast approaching 16 and wants to wear eyeliner. Who has time for eyeliner when you're mucking stalls? Something is changing and I don't want to acknowledge it.

    The ribbon ride sounds like a lot of fun; we may need to try something like that here!


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