Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do You Know This Weed?

Can anyone identify this weed for me? I found this in the horse turnout--partially chewed and spit out. I walked the property and only found one more like it, which I pulled and threw away.

We have five horses out together for part of the day now--the new additions are Red and Cowgirl. Cowgirl is our alpha mare and didn't take Beautiful being there very well. She constantly chased her away from the herd until the herd leader, Shadow, stepped in and put her in her place. That ticked her off even more, of course.

They'll work it out. There's probably a lot I don't see--which means Beautiful must have disrespected her in some way--not moving fast enough when she walks over--challenging her for food--who knows?

But she's safe and seems to be finding her place in the herd--however low that may be. It sure is making her sweet for me. The older horses are doing all the discipline I would have had to do. That kind of spunky attitude she used have? Gone. Or at least, it has been put on hold.

I'm heading out now to baby her for a little bit and to ride Cowboy over to the new indoor arena. They removed the top layer of footing because it was too thick--I'm curious at how it feels to ride in now.

If you can identify that weed for me--thank you!


  1. From the fruits, I'm guessing a member of the Nightshade family (Solanum), which would explain why it wasn't eaten - unpalatable and in some cases poisonous. But I can't really tell for sure from the pictures, and I'm not from your part of the world. Could your agricultural extension help identify it?

  2. Looks like nightshade. I'd get rid of it.

    Isn't it great when one of the horses knocks a young whippersnapper down a peg so you don't have to?

  3. Nightshade sounds bad--sure looks gross!! I got rid of all I could find!! I'll do a little research on it. Thanks!


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