Monday, September 14, 2009

Beautiful's Baby Book September '09

Sometimes, when I'm out in the barnyard, I'm reminded that Beautiful is only 2, and is still a baby.

She still has some wild oats to sew...

And she sometimes looks for trouble...

and finds it.

Poor Mags...but Beautiful didn't catch her.

And there are times that, though she acts as tame as the domestic horses..

She still looks WILD.

Something about the body style--the primitive markings--the head...eyes...

It still says, I came from the wild.

These are pictures of Beautiful today, September 14, 2009.


  1. She is so gorgeous, thanks for sharing these great photos!

  2. She is indeed Beautiful!

  3. Her head seems darker than her body. Did she turn out to be a roan or is that just a seasonal variation?

    She sure is a pretty pretty girl. It's cool to see her running around being a goofy youngster. Love the picture of her in trouble with Cowboy.

  4. She's just gorgeous! I'm wondering the same thing as Andrea...I know that duns have darker smudges down their nose, but usually it's not still dark on their forehead. Could she be roaned out over her body and that's why her body color is so light compared to most duns? Can you see white hairs on her close up?

  5. I always love looking at Beautiful's pictures. There is something so engaging in her expressions, and yes, I believe it has to do with her wild roots. Looks like she had a great day!

  6. What a kind eye. My first horse was a buckskin. How I loved him. Beautiful looks well loved... keep up the good work! :o)


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