Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye to My Piano

I've written before about my piano--the one I've had for 17 or 18 years--that I bought for $50.00 at an auction. It was a huge blessing to me, and I got so much from it all these years.

But around Christmas, I began to want a baby grand--imagining how wonderful it would be to be able to play the piano and look out the windows at my horses. I was right, playing and looking out is awesome.

I got a great deal on my new piano, too, and it inspired me to return to piano lessons.

Well, all this time I've had both pianos in that small entry room--as well as my Clavinova--so three pianos, and I just realized it is way too crowded. My hope was to move the old one downstairs and save it for one of my kids--but it turns out, there is no room down there either.

So, I made a hard decision yesterday and put it on Craig's List for $50.00--the same price I paid at the auction.

Today I had a woman call and come over to see it. She has played piano since she was little and now wants to have her own so she and her children can play. She is a young mother, pregnant, and raising her kids, and she was thrilled to buy it. She and her little boy sat and played it for a few minutes before deciding they wanted it.

However, when she was handing me the cash, I couldn't take it. The piano has so much emotional memory for me--it's priceless--and it has a beautiful sound--but it's not worth much monetarily. I'm thrilled it's getting a home where it will be used and they'll get enjoyment out of it. I told her to save the money and put it into the tuning.

I don't know where it will end up--I'm nervous for it. I've played it so much, it's kind of taken on a life of its own, and it will be one of the harder moments in my life when I see it pull away down the road.

I hope it gives to her and her family what it gave to me and mine.


  1. What a wonderful thing you did! I admire you for that. It will be very special for that young mom!

  2. Letting stuff go - particularly when it benefits this family - is a credit to you and honors the spirit of your ownership of the piano. May they enjoy it for many years to come and then pass it on as you did.

  3. I have a feeling that family will make much beautiful music on your sweet piano :)

  4. Thanks Cheryl, Kate and Joanne. I have to say, it does feel better letting go of my piano in this way. I have an urge to go in right now with a Sharpie and write my name and number on some hidden away spot in the cabinet--just in case it ever finds me again someday. Now is that crazy, or what? Should I do it?!?

  5. Good for you! Your piano has gone to a good home. Yes, write your name on it. Put the day on it too and maybe a something about what it meant to you. It'll be a lovely thing for someone to find one day.


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