Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mom, He's Picking On Me

So far, releasing Beautiful in the turnout has been a far, far more uneventful process than I imagined--which makes me wonder if I worry too much. Hmmmm...I'll have to think about that.

Here are three pictures for tonight.

Shadow is released at dinner time with Beautiful. I fed them outside their runs so she wouldn't get trapped in her stall with him. He pushed her away from the first pile and made her go to the second. She kicked up at him--not used to being told where to eat. Naughty, naughty, Beautiful Girl--that's a good way to get hurt!

After an hour or so, I came out to give them more hay. Beautiful couldn't walk to me fast enough to tell on Shadow.--Mom, he's being mean to me!

And last, a new pile of hay--she has been pushed to the nether-ends of the dinner line--looking over her shoulder for the big, fat alpha gelding we call Shadow--or pig horse--he answers to both.

Poor Beautiful--so far, life with the domestics isn't all that fun.


  1. She's so pretty. I worry too much as well. These mustangs seem very sensible about fences.

  2. It's almost like a first day at a new school, trying to figure out how you fit in! Oh, Beautiful looks a little unsure. I think she'll rule that horsey clique before long!

  3. Arlene--It's good to hear someone else worries. I'm finding that these Mustangs are pretty savvy, too.

    Joanne--that's a good way to put it. It will be interesting to see which place in the herd she takes. She should be lowest because of her age, but my horse, Cowboy, seems to always find a way to make himself lowest! I'm going to release my 3 year old, Cia, with them today. There's only a year difference, so Beautiful has a chance to dominate--but I doubt she will. I could be wrong--I often am!

  4. Had to laugh at "pig horse". I have one of those too.

    Beautiful lives up to her name.

  5. Poor Beautiful...life in captivity where she has to worry about being chased to the next pile of alfalfa...which will always be there for her. Yes, do spend some time stressing over whether or not you worry too much. What else have you got to do today, after all? :)

  6. Or, I could worry about worrying about worrying. :) You're so right about domestic life for BG--or BB (Big Baby)--not too stressful. As I look out the window now, she is lying down sleeping, Shadow is keeping watch over her. Sooooo stressful!

    I will upload video today sometime. I got a few shots of her meeting our sweet filly, Cia. :)

  7. Linda, Her tail look very thick and lovely. Echo pulled out a huge section of his tail in the wooden fence, so it's very thin. Wildairo had a ball of wire stuck in his. We have no idea where it came from because he was in the corral at the time. I tried to untangle it but in the end had to cut it. It was the first time I ever cut a horses tail. I love long thick tails and manes!!

  8. :) A horse will find wire--it could be buried fifty feet deep and they will somehow find it!

    Your boys look great, Arlene. I wish BG would put on as much as muscle as Wildairo! I'd trade her tail for that!


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