Sunday, July 12, 2009

Don't Eat Electric Fence

That is the lesson Beautiful learned when she decided to taste the electric fence not once, but twice, on her first day ever out in the pasture.

I've never seen Beautiful from this view before--the back patio--just beyond the trampoline there.

I've waited a year to release her with the herd, but the first day out, I thought it best to give her a lesson on electric fence. I walked her on a lunge line twice around the dry lot turnout. The first thing she did was put the white electric tape in her mouth!

What a shock that was. She jumped back a few steps and looked at me, then looked at the fence, then looked at me as if asking what it was.

We walked the rest of the fence to the other side, and there she decided to taste the white tape again. However, it didn't shock her because, unknown to me at the time, that side of the fence was off.

I told Shiloh to run and turn it on, which she did, and then Beautiful returned yet again to taste it, and you can guess what happened. That was the last time she tried it out.

I have to say, besides eating the electric fence, Beautiful did awesome on her first day out. Some horses get really upset when they first get shocked--especially in the mouth--and they look for the first horse or person to kick not knowing what did it to them! Beautiful, however, just backed up a few steps and REALLY thought about it. That tells me she's smart. She looked to me for support as well--a sign that she trusts me.

I was also curious about her ability to read other horses--but she had a healthy fear and respect for her elders--which will serve her well when she is released with them. (More on that tomorrow.)

The same day I released her, yesterday, I got this in the mail--my letter of approval from the BLM.

And, Certificate of Title.

Back out in the pasture, Beautiful was eager to get into the one open stall--her stall--that had dinner in the manger.

However, the other horses were in their stalls--and Cowgirl wasn't as interested in eating as she was in establishing her dominance over poor Beautiful Girl.

She got bit in the butt--and off she ran--it took her three hours and the removal of Cowgirl, for her to enter her stall again.

At which point, we closed her run from the turnout and let her rest for the night. This morning, at breakfast, we opened it up again, and tomorrow we're going to release the alpha male, Shadow, into the turnout with her.

Here is the pasture grass we have coming up now. By next year, with all the seed, fertilizer and irrigation we should have some lush grass.

This is what the weed looked like after it was sprayed.

And this is a bare spot that needs reseeding in Fall.

Here is one of the pasture sprinklers. We have several in the front and back that we move throughout the day and we have on an automatic system at night.


  1. Congratulations on Beautiful's ownership papers! You must be thrilled. Quite a saga going on here with Beautiful. I'm glad she turned to you for reassurance after biting the fence. Good luck releasing her with the herd, I hope she does okay!

    P.S. Spokane has been making the news all the way here on the east coast. I think you need to get your wildlife under control ... We saw a story of the Spokane ducks living on a 2nd floor roof of a bank, and mama duck had to ger her ducklings down to bring them to the river. I guess bank employees would catch the babies as they dropped down from the 2nd floor! And another about a moose, wandering the baseball fields, I think it was? Listen, this is Breaking News stuff for sure, making it to my news here ;)

  2. Remington did the same thing when I put him in an electric fence for the first time. He was pretty scared of the fence for a while and wouldn't get too close.

    Congrats on the receiving your title! It's pretty exciting, isn't it?

  3. Joanne--that is HILARIOUS!! I never watch the news--so I missed that piece of local information. That is soooooo Spokanish!!

    Jessie--Did Remington eat the electric fence, too? They must hail from the same herd--or gene pool. :):):) Sweet horses.

    BTW, she's back to her confident self tonight. I think the addition of the herd leader tomorrow will be very, very interesting. So, to be continued....

  4. I'm glad you got the official documents! Must be a good feeling! I can't believe Beautiful bit the tape- ouch! I guess that is one way to learn what it does!

  5. Wildairo has had white electric tape in his corral for a year so he's use to it. When he walked up to it the first time I was well away from him. Your very brave.

    Beautiful seems like a smart girl. I'm amazed at how clever Wildairo is about keeping away from fences. These mustangs are pretty clever.

  6. Pony Girl--that surprised me as well. They usually don't EAT electric fence--twice.

    Arlene--that's interesting that you had the tape in his corral--I did consider doing the same so she'd be trained for it, but there wasn't a good way to make it happen. I think they're very clever, too. I'm constantly underestimating them and then being surprised.

  7. Wow! That's great that she's "free"! I can't wait to get to that point with my two wild ones.

  8. Congratulations! Getting their title is so exciting.

    Glad she's out and about. I bet she's loving that!

  9. Congratulations, Linda! Isn't that title a beautiful thing to behold?


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