Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Boots and Six Things About Me

I've been tagged by Barbara at The Serenity Gate, who also happens to be my mom, to tell six unusual things about myself. (Please see below).

But first, my boot search finally ended in Walla Walla last weekend. I found this store:

These people specialize in boots--they have the largest collection I've seen under one roof since the invention of Internet shopping!

They even have a computerized measuring device. You stand on it, and it tells you everything about where you put your weight (and don't) and, of course, how long and wide your foot is.

Apparently, I have the feet of a dancer--high arches. Which is probably what they tell all of their customers to get us to buy boots. Guess what? It works!! I'm a sucker for foot compliments.

Now, I was going for 100 percent COMFORT--otherwise, there were a large number of bling boots that I would have brought home instead. But these simple Durangos--$149.00 (cheaper on the Internet) took the prize for comfy-cozy.

I'm not fully ready to say good-bye to my old faves--these Ariats that have served me well for five years. I'll probably use them until their soles rot off--which could be sooner rather than later. (The Durangos, by the way, are resoleable).

Okay, six things about me, if you haven't already learned enough about me!

1. I was the editor of my college newspaper.

2. I've owned a lot of animals--ducks, birds (parakeet and cockatoo), a chicken-hawk, dogs, cats, horses, Degus (which got out of their cage and into my car's pipes and wires), turtles, fish, frogs...and probably many more I can't think of. I'm sure my husband didn't realize he'd married the woman who'd rather live in a zoo.

3. I guess many of you know by now I have an occasional cigar or pipe.

4. I love poetry and non-fiction memoir.

5. This is my second marriage, and we've been together for about seven years or so. My husband is my dear, dear friend.

6. I get REALLY bad PMS that lasts about a day. (Bad thing is, I never know which day that will be--otherwise, I'd hang a sign around my neck as warning!)

Most everyone else I know has already been tagged--so if you haven't been and you're one of my blogging buddies--please join in!


  1. Love your list. Thanks for posting.

  2. You'll be stylin' in those new boots! They may be cheaper on the internet, but can the internet compliment your arches? ;)

    Interesting to know that you're a writer at heart (college editor) and you indulge in a cigar or pipe! That one is definitely an unusual fact, had fun reading these. Enjoy those boots!


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