Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Progress!

Boy, I'm updating this blog quite often lately. It comes in spurts--but I'm really motivated with my Jasmine/Pony project!

Today--drum roll please--I walked right up to Jasmine to halter her and she did not take one single step away from me!!! First time ever. She usually beats her feet and then eventually stops in the stall. Then, yesterday, she stood for me without the halter. But today, halter in hand, she did not move an inch!! And, there was plenty of room to have run away because she was in the large pen.

What's more, she didn't look scared--even when I passed the rope over her head.

So, I treated her to some grazing. I sat with her while she grazed. It was easy and pleasant, and afterward I put her back and fed her.

Beautiful is coming along nice as well. Today was a lesson working with her feet while she stood "tied". (Actually, I ran her lead rope around a sturdy post and held it so she felt "tied".

She pulled back at first, not wanting to be tied when I worked with her back feet, but she respected the subsequent pressure on her head and took a couple steps back up to where she was supposed to be and stood nicely the rest of the time.

Here are some pictures of my ride with a friend last week. I thought she was going to ride Red, but she brought her own horse, so I ponied Red. It was good for him and he seemed to love it. This Saturday he's going to be in a parade--and he seems to understand that.

When you get the clippers out, they know they're going somewhere!


  1. Keep these positive Progress Reports coming, all good stuff! The trail ride looks so peaceful, your horses so relaxed. Gosh, I haven't ridden a horse in years! This makes me miss it.

  2. Awsome, it's good to hear Jasmine was accepting you today. You looked like you were having a lot of fun on your ride. Nice work!

  3. Wonderful progress with Jasmine!

  4. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!


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