Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lea Visits Beautiful to Prepare for Adoption

Today Lea, from the Inland Empire Mustang Horse Club, came to complete Beautiful's final paperwork.

She likes to take eye shots, and I like to take pictures of people taking pictures of eyes.

They didn't get along at all, as you can tell from the way Beautiful is climbing on her back for a kiss.

As Lea was leaving we joked around a bit. She made a comment about Beautiful being, well, uh, beautiful, and I said, "Yep, no one can ever call her Ugly--because that ain't her name!"

So, I've sealed my portion of the paperwork, and I'm walking out to the mailbox as soon as I post this entry. It does make me feel different--it's like being a foster parent as opposed to an adoptive one.

I love my Girl, and I'm excited to be her mommy--does that sound sentimental? I guess I am a bit sentimental about Beautiful Girl.


  1. Those are such sweet pictures of Lea and Beautiful. It shows how much Lea loves horses!

  2. I agree. I really love the first picture of Lea and B. She has a heart for the Mustangs.

  3. Lovely mare and very sweet pictures!

  4. She's beautiful through and through, isn't she? Congratulations on sealing the adoption! I'll bet in some way Beautiful senses it too!

  5. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Kate and Joanne.

    You know she is still a baby and very willful. She was giving me a bit of grief this morning in the roundpen before Lea showed up. She didn't want to be caught, and I was thinking--oh great--right when the adoption is to occur. (Just like a kid!) But when she saw Lea's truck pull up she just stopped and looked at it and let me halter her right up--like she was looking forward to company, and she didn't run away again the rest of the day. She's funny!

    I think she did sense something was up--something important. Maybe she wondered if Lea was another farrier. LOL. She did pick up one of her feet!

  6. Congratulations! Now you've just got to wait for the title to show up. It's all very exciting :-)

    She sure is maturing into a nice looking mare... She almost looks like a little Quarter horse in the photo from her tying and bathing lesson.

  7. Thanks, Jessie. I'll be waiting anxiously--they say it should arrive in a month.

  8. Congratulations! Wow, she really has grown, hasn't she? She looks great.

  9. I've enjoyed catching up on my reading here...I know you must be enjoying your summer with all you have going on. Congrats on the final adoption.


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