Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jasmine and Her Girl

Here's old Red before the Reardan parade--we "pinked" him out for Moms, Daughters, and Horses! He's a great guy! We LOVE him.

The farrier came today, so an update on Beautiful below.

The reason we wanted a pony and brought Jasmine into our herd was for our horse crazy granddaughter, Sophie. She was turning 3 and we thought a little pony would be a good birthday gift for her. That, and her own little pony saddle.

She loved the gift--and she has always thought of Jasmine as her pony. Whenever she comes to visit she works with her--grooming, petting and feeding.

She's here with us all this week and has been working with Jasmine and me in the roundpen. Here are some pictures of the day. Jasmine seems very attached to her. In the first picture (above), with Sophie in the hat, she wasn't holding her lead rope and Jasmine could have left at any moment. She didn't, but you can see that she's checking her out.

In about a month, Sophie's turning five, and she's now big enough to groom and lead Jasmine by herself.

They're sweet together--and it makes the "pony project" that much more important. In the meantime, Sophie rides good old Red.

The farrier came today, and though Beautiful was not slated for a trim, he wants to get her used to him. He went in and spent time with her in the stall--cleaning up her feet, picking them up, putting them down, circling around her and petting on her. She did GREAT.

I think she just needs to be around men more--especially in confined spaces like her stall. That's where she blew up last time, but though she was leery of him this time around, she made a decision to trust us and really stood there well--soon relaxing. I was very proud of her.

In other horse related news--Cowgirl, Shiloh's Palomino, has an abscess in her hoof that is making her slightly lame. It hasn't busted out yet, but we're going to soak her hoof in warm water and Epson Salts and then pack it with Sugardine and wrap it with duct tape. It was hard to find Iodine, but we found an equivalent and will do it in the morning.


  1. Love the pictures - they really show how Sophie and Jasmine have bonded - this has got to be really good for Jasmine's confidence!

  2. Wow! What cute pics! I can't wait until my grandson is 5 years old! He's only 3 months now.

  3. Sophie must love her little pony! She looks so intent on leading her, a great team.


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