Friday, May 29, 2009

No Hay This Year

If you weren't born on a farm, and you want to grow hay, consult your local Extension agency. They are the most helpful, knowledgeable people you'll talk to, and they are there to help.

Yesterday, my husband called ours and found out we won't be getting any hay this year (you may not like their answer!) He told us that we'll have to spend all of this year on weed control and allowing what grass is there to establish itself. He wants us to fertilize this fall right before the rainy season--around Halloween.

Can we graze our horses late summer?

No, The grass needs to rest and the hooves are too hard on it.

< Insert crying sounds--I love to see my horses graze. >

Update on horse projects: Pony got a bath, did great. Cowgirl is favoring her front left hoof--couldn't find anything--although she uses that one to bang on the panels to tell me to feed her every morning--could there be a connection? Working on Beautiful's feet--picking them up like the farrier does--need someone to hold her head--maybe Shiloh since she'll have more free time now. Going on a ride this morning with a friend--it should be in the 80's here and let me tell you--it is PERFECT right now! Working with Lea on prizes for the Mustang Days--thinking custom ribbons will do the trick.

Happy Trails--enjoy the sunshine!


  1. The ride with your friend sounds wonderful. We're expecting bad weather, today, here in the valley. It's cloudy and looks like a storm is brewing. I had planned to work outside in shorts today, but that's now off for awhile.

    Have fun and stay safe.

    Blessings, Mom

  2. Too bad about the hay :( But it sounds like, in the long run, the care suggested by the Extension agency will make for a healthy crop of hay. Enjoy your sunny ride today. We're stuck in a cloudy, humid holding pattern! Send us a little of your sunshine?

  3. Mom--I hope the bad weather doesn't head this way! It isn't predicted--but who can trust weather forecasts? I got back from my ride--it was nice.

    Joanne--I wish I could share the sunshine--everyone deserves a day like this!

    Thanks for the good wishes!


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