Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day, Horse Races, and Hot Air Balloons

Happy Mother's Day!

This is what I woke up to this morning.

I'm at the 2009 Hot Air Balloon Stampede in Walla Walla, WA

While at the Balloon Festival--I discovered they also had horse races. I have mixed feelings about racing horses, but I could have spent all day there with them. I've never seen a live race. I found myself holding my breath that the horses wouldn't trip over each or themselves--but the power when they come around the corner in the final stretch--breath-taking.

In the fourth race, this is the horse I chose-- Sting 'Em Fast --a 4-year-old Quarter Horse. I chose him based upon the strength and balance of his build--and he looked like he had a long, powerful stride.

He came in first place, so I patted myself on the back. (I didn't wager).

What a build on Sting Em Fast--he reminds me of my old horse, Red. (When he was younger).

In the fifth race I chose this horse, Meadow Slew.

I liked the look of the dapple gray (below), which may have won--but I'm not positive because my kids wanted to leave before I found out his eventual number. The dapple gray, which I think is Tayo's Tiger, was working himself up by prancing around. He wanted to go!

My pick here, #5, Meadow Slew, came in 3rd. He's a good-looking boy though, isn't he--and calm?

(This might be Tayo's Tiger--the horse that won--but he seemed so excited, I thought he'd wear himself out before he got to the race. He is also built with a long stretch--and was very tall. The other thing that impressed me about him were his hooves. They were huge! Which made me think he had some bone in there--which is always a good sign of strength and, sometimes, balance. I think he was #7 (the winning number) because he was the last to go to his space--and the #7 space was empty. But I wish I knew for sure.)

I hope you're all having a Happy Mother's Day as well!


  1. What a beautiful day you had! I noticed horses like this dappled gray on the Kentucky Derby last week, when they showed the procession to the track. Some of them prance so much, walking sideways even. They seem to be the very spirited ones!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Joanne!

    Believe it or not, I missed the Kentucky Derby this year--but I heard a lot about it afterwards. I really wish my kids would have tolerated my horse racing obsession a little longer so I could have seen the last race. As it was, I had to look up the results of that one on the internet. Still had fun!

    --Hope you had a great day today, as well!!!

  3. You did have a beautiful day!
    I'm not much for horse racing either, but then as horse people, we all do love to admire the gorgeous creatures involved, don't we?

    I had a nice, quiet Mother's Day. My oldest son turned 26 on Saturday. He was ALMOST born on Mother's Day back in 1983, but arrived on the Monday after, so MD is always special to me anyway. He and his new wife, they're still newlyweds going on 9 months, drove down for the evening. They live about 80 miles away. Youngest son (23) was here too. We grilled out hot dogs and had a spontaneous picnic!

  4. Beautiful raceday pictures! I would DIE to go to that hot air ballon event!

  5. Leslie--It sounds like you had a great Mother's Days as well!

    Jennifer--I saw your raceday pictures--what a coincidence we were both spending our Mother's Day the same way, but in different sections of the country.

  6. Both events looked fun. Wonderful pictures too. We need a morning coffee break soon.


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