Friday, May 15, 2009

A Most Beautiful Spring Day in May

This is the best weather we've had all year! I'm sitting out in the sun with shorts on, no less, listening to the horses finish up their breakfast in the barn and watching them emerge from their stalls to soak up the sun.

I'm birdwatching again, and I have a delimma. 42 is a cat, and she wants to do this:

To these:

Same story, different day: she wants to kill the Killdeer. But I did get a picture of the broken wing display they use to trick cats away form their young. It works great!

Still, I just wanted to relax and enjoy the sunshine and take pictures--not watch birds get killed. So, I put 42 in the house. She protested, and then I thought--what am I doing? This is the natural order of things--cats kill mice and birds and coyotes kill cats--and it all goes round and round. I let her out about fifteen minutes ago and haven't seen her since.

Off of my deck, I can see the horses and my newly planted trees which are attracting more birds to the area. These little American Goldfinch just showed up. They also call this bird the "wild canary", which is what I thought it was when I first saw it. I have a wonderful little Field Guide for identifying birds.

Well, time to go let the horses out. This will be a good day to get a ride in!

Happy Trails!


  1. We have one of those field guides, too, and like to name the birds in the marsh behind the summer cottage we stay in.

    I don't know how you got 42 in the house; when they're in hunt mode, they're a force to be reckoned with!

    Enjoy your ride, the sun came out here on the East coast too, it's supposed to reach the high 70s today, finally!

  2. That's funny, I just dug my little field guide out the other day. I hadn't looked at it in years. Finally figured out what some of our local birds are.

    Have a great ride! I wish I could join you!

  3. Your dad and I have been watching our Western (wild) Carnaries since April 12. There's not as many now, but we are seeing them from time to time. For awhile there were many at any given time of day. The feeder is in sight of our sliding glass door, so we've been able to do a lot of bird watching. We're now seeing several doves all day at the feeder.

  4. Had a few minutes and thought I'd catch up on your blogs...I see you are busy as well. Cats are ruthless little creatures! Mine brought a taleless lizard in the house to show me yesterday.

    Stop in when you get a chance and sign up for my give away. Take care!


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