Friday, May 8, 2009

Growing, Growing..

More for Beautiful's Baby Book--approximately 2 years old--May 8, 2009 (almost a year since adoption!!!)

It's been so long since I posted a picture of Beautiful, you were probably starting to wonder if I still had her! I do, and here's Beautiful's update. (Sorry for the picture quality, they were taken spur of the moment from my Blackberry).

Tonight I went out to fly spray and groom her because the mosquitoes really picked up from, seemingly, out of no where. (A sign that maybe the weather's warming up.) She stood for the spray better than my five domestics did! She's a brave soul--very proud.

We have a ritual now, which is that each day when I come out to her, I bring her fresh picked alfalfa from around the property. I started it last year and then started it up again this Spring. Tonight, I was so set on getting her sprayed, I forgot to bring my alfalfa bouquet--however, she didn't act like a brat--as she might have since "treating" her could be akin to "spoiling" her. Instead, she gave me some sweet, subtle--maybe even subliminal signs--and I figured it out and brought her over some.

She has almost completely shed off now--just a little white--as you can see in the picture--to come off yet. Her color is "buttermilk"--perfect buttermilk. I look at her and say to myself, "Oh, that's what they mean by 'buttermilk buckskin!" (Dun.)

On the way to the roundpen she did a little bit of a rear because she was so excited at the good weather we had this evening. I turned around and said, "NO!", and she came down and stayed down--like she just had to be reminded.

She's really good at standing still after I unhalter her. I hold her there for a minute or two and pet her, so she gets in the habit of waiting until I push her off from me to leave. It's something I do with all my horses to keep myself from getting kicked.

As you can see in the picture, she's butt high again. I think I wrote earlier about how it was hard to get the weight on her lately--but now she's filling out again. I feed her double what I feed the rest since she appears to be in the middle of another growth spurt. (For those who aren't around horses a lot and wonder what we mean when we say "butt-high"--Horses grow in a see-saw motion--hind--then front--hind--then front catches up and so on until they get their full height. Many people say Mustangs grow later than domestics. Horses, in general, can grow until they're five--and if their nutrition was poor in early life, they may catch up in their later adolescence.)

She's not huge, by any means, but she is taller than the pictures make her look. When she lifts her head up, she's taller than me, but we stand pretty well head to head. I had a friend who showed me a trick about how to measure with a piece of twine and figure out what their eventual height would be--but I can't remember how it went. Does anyone else know?

Maybe when she finally gets her height, she can start working on her breadth! She's going to need some if she's going to pack me around the hills!!

Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow, everyone!


  1. I like the contrasting darker brown on her legs and mane, highlighting all the more her buttermilk color. She really is living up to her name!

  2. She's looking good!

    Here are two ways to guess how tall she'll be:

    I cant' wait to hear the results!

  3. It's the first one that she always did--fetlock to elbow--elbow to withers! Thanks for the site! I'll go out and measure her while she eats breakfast.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  4. Well, bummer--she wouldn't stand still, and I didn't have anyone with me to hold her. Imagine that! But from the rough estimates I do from her picture and the ridiculous episode that just transpired with the twine--she isn't going to get much taller.

  5. And, if that's the case, I'll be able to do one of those Cowboy tricks you see in the movies--jump on her back from the ground! :)

  6. I take that back--I was measuring to her neck and not the withers. Look at the first, top picture--measure from fetlock to elbow, then elbow to withers--looks like about another hand of growth to go at the withers--which would put her at, I'm guessing--a little over 14 hands.

  7. You have to get some pictures of her with you standing next to her for a size comparison. She's only 2 and I bet she does grow at least another hand before she's done. And you look like you are small. Mustangs are sturdy...she'll be able to pack you around the trails!


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