Monday, April 6, 2009


These are some happy cats--Emjae and Girl Kitty (her daughter)--enjoying the warm weather.

Sliding Stop! If only she'd do this when we ask!

Someone is looking for her buddies.

This weekend was gorgeous....and BUSY. The Chili Feed was a huge success. It was packed!! One chili brought in $750.00--and it wasn't mine. I was so happy to see it well attended--Palisades Park is a TREASURE for horse lovers here in Spokane. We've got to support the horseback riding trails in our area if we want to keep them. The city (especially in these hard economic times) could sell some off--and that land would be worth a fortune. So, to preserve it for generations--eat chili once a year! Oh, and volunteer 3 hours April 25 to clear trails.

These are pictures of Cowgirl taken yesterday after Shiloh and I set up the roundpen. My husband had been traveling out of town on business and got caught in a Nebraska snow storm, so travelled all day Sunday and barely made it home. The ranch work was solely up to Shiloh and me--and I must say, we did pretty good.

Shiloh rode her horse after these pics--she's working on getting Cowgirl less buddy sour--like she has to do every Spring. Cowgirl did GREAT! But the horses are generous when the weather is warm like this. They don't want to fight.

Beautiful's run looks at the roundpen. She came out of her stall with grass in her mouth and stared at Cowgirl's running and sliding stops! Wow, I want to grow up to be just like her. BTW, Cowgirl is a born mother, and she watches over Beautiful. Beautiful is totally tuned in to her--so when she's released I know who's going to be a pair.

Beautiful was groomed yesterday. Lots of hair coming off! Then we did our leading and some light circles. She didn't do very well to the right, so it was a long session.

Mom is taking pictures AGAIN!!

My favorite horse yesterday was Jasmine the pony. She was soooo sweet when I took her for a walk and groomed her. Maybe after 18 months with me she's starting to realize life is good around here and I'm not going to hurt her. I spoke to my trainer last year and she had a pony very much like Jasmine. She said it took her two years to get him to come around and now he's used as a lesson pony. My two year anniversary with her is coming up in July! I'm going to have fun with her this Spring and Summer!

If you want a good Spring tune-up clinic--this is a good one--Charlie Hanson. Mark your calendars for May 2 and 3.


  1. The picture of Emjae and Girl Kitty is great! Can't wait until you start blogging about some cute lab puppies!

  2. I can't wait either--I'm looking forward to our new puppy. I can't wait to meet him or her!

  3. Cowgirl looks like she has a lot of energy going on there! When will Beautiful be released with the others? You must have to keep an eye on them at that time?

  4. I'm hoping Beautiful can transition in with them in the next couple of weeks. I had meant to move her over to that side of the barn in a stall, just so she could interact with them through the panels for a while, and I'll probably do that this week now that the weather is nice.

    I would like to have her well behaved beforehand, so I know I can catch her if things go badly--(ie. she goes through the electric fence.)

    I could probably do it now, but I want to be 200 percent sure each step of the way.

  5. Isn't this weather wonderful? Horse time, yard time, my kids on spring break. It doesn't get much better than this!

  6. Hi Linda! Beautiful sure has grown! And look how butt high she is in those pictures! I bet she grows a lot more!

    I can't wait to hear about her being turned out with the herd! It'll be exciting! Hope it all goes well. And keep your camera clicking!

  7. The weather is GREAT! It's fun to get out again and feel warm.

    I think she is butt high. She's also having a hard time putting on weight again--where she was getting kind of fat. So, I think there's a lot of energy going toward growth--which will be good so she doesn't end up a pony. ;)

  8. Chico (who is also from Beaty's Butte) was a tiny tiny horse, even through his 2 year old year, and to some extent his 3 year old year (although he'd grown a lot by then). But this year he is 5 and I swear he's grown some over winter. I need to get out my horse tape, but he can pack me around quite comfortably. I bet beautiful is going to be a good sized horse (maybe not big enough for a burly guy, but definitley for you!). I'm so excited to watch her grow.


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