Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snow in April!!

Joanne's prediction was correct--we got about 4 inches of snow at our house last night!

This description was in our paper: "The snowfall record for April 2 was shattered, according to weather officials. Three inches of snow was recorded at the Spokane International Airport as of 7:30 a.m., topping the 1920 record of 1.2 inches.

The snow is expected to continue today, said Jeffrey Cote, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Rain will be added to the mix as the day warms up to about 40 degrees. More snow is expected tonight with additional accumulations expected by Friday morning." Spokesman Review April 2, 2009.

I wanted to highlight a wonderful blog entry today by Angie at Ranch Dressing about making your own frames for art work. It's a WONDERFUL article.

A couple of years ago I purchased a piece of art by Nancy Glazer--unusual diminsions--so I had it priced for custom framing. My first estimate was over $400.00 whereas, the print was only $60.00. (I found that Michael's ran a special for the same high quality, double matted, non-glare archival glass, custom frame for $200.00) Here's the picture without a frame--

Angie's suggestions may also help you if you're sitting around with a print that needs framing and you don't want to pay those high prices, but still want it to look good. Or, if you, like her sister, want to learn to do it as a gift for your family members. You could also frame your own pictures--the ones you take on your travels and hang them around your house or give them as presents! Check it out today while you enjoy the snow.

So, what else can you do when it snows in April?

Take your beautiful daughter who, after all, is on SPRING (wink wink) break--to coffee at Chaps!


  1. Ooh, sorry about the snow. So you really did break your own record! Maybe I better not make any more predictions.

    Well, just one. Let me predict many warm, sun-filled days fast approaching to melt all that snow.

  2. I'll take that prediction! The weather is already warming up--55 degrees and climbing!

  3. Your daughter IS beautiful. Our daughter is home for the weekend but starts break next weekend and only gets a few days. I miss her more than I could have imagined.


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