Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I win! I win!

Yes, you can congratulate me. I have won a first place award. Actually, all of us who have lived in Spokane--Winter 08'-09' have won--first place for the MOST SNOWIEST WINTER EVER!!

That's right--EVER--or at least since the late 1800's. (Long enough!)

I was a little sad, however, that I lost my 2nd place award from last year when the previous first place year displaced last year for 2nd. (Are you confused?!?)

I'm looking out my window now, and guess what I see? Yes, snow. It's April 1st--and there's snow.

Other good news--we took Catherine a little stuffed Paint horse today and she looks better than last night--each day better and better.


  1. Congratulations on you Snow Win!! I was watching The Weather Channel, and they said another 6 inches of snow was predicted for the Spokane area this weekend!! You'll break your own record.

    Good Catherine news, I'm so happy she's doing better!

    P.S. The stuff I said about snow in Spokane this weekend? April Fool's!! ;)

  2. Funny--you got me, Joanne!! I think my heart sunk to my shoes. I could completely have bought that we're getting 6 more inches!!

  3. I think we may be up for the rainiest winter award...and it's still raining!
    Glad to hear little Catherine is doing well!

  4. I'm not sure which I'd rather win--snow or rain!

    I just read your blog about framing, btw--I want to link to it in my blog tomorrow. That is a wonderful article. The most expensive part of art is the framing! If we can do it ourselves--we'd save so much money!


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