Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Gift from Artist Jana Johnson--Thanks!

In all the excitment last week with little Catherine, I forgot to blog about something very important!

One day, we were driving in with the grandkids from McDonalds (got to love that Play Place!) and we stopped out on the road to get our mail. There was this thick card in there for me from Tennessee--and I thought--now who in the world from Tennessee--some J. Johnson--would be sending me a heavy letter like this?!? (Have I inherited some money from some long lost relative---my relatives are from TN after all?)

So, I opened it up and lo and behold, it was a gift from one of the artists from the Whoa Horse Art team, Jana Johnson!! I'd won a drawing on that site after leaving a comment, and Jana even threw in an EXTRA ACEO card!!

Thank you, Jana! It made my day!! Your art has made it to Washington state where it will be loved by many generations in my family of horse lovers to come!

Here is Jana's link to her Etsy site.

And, the temps have made it to 55 degrees today. All five of my horses were laying down in the pasture.


  1. Those are beautiful cards, what a nice surprise. Makes you want to almost frame them and not use them! Love the pic of all the, who was standing guard? :)

  2. I love getting "real" mail. The ACEO's are nice. Lucky you! I know you are enjoying the warm weather. I'm reading this a day later so I hope it's still warm.

  3. Pony Girl--the reason I snapped that picture is because no one was standing guard!! Can you believe it? I knew I only had a second to get the shot--and sure enough, my horse, Cowboy, looked around, saw no one guarding, and got himself up. Someone was asleep on the job!

    Angie--It was cold--but today it's warm. The thermometer is rising at break neck speed!! I woke up at 40--and it is already in the 50s--just about an hour later. I think the saying is "the mercury's rising."


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