Friday, April 17, 2009

Flower Bouquet Give-Away

This morning--Maggie chasing ducks. She's in Labrador Heaven!

Today started out sunny, then turned cloudy. Yay! Bring on the rain! I've never been so happy to have rain than since we planted hay.

Tomorrow is our Daughter's Easter Egg Hunt on Horseback. It will be sunny and warm--perfect weather for a ride.

We went to our neighbor's house this morning to check out his indoor riding arena. Some of us in the neighborhood want to form an association to keep it up and purchase insurance--as well as provide my neighbor with some extra income. It won't take much--some sprinklers to keep the dust down and a tractor to rake up the footing material. I've found that in Spokane--an indoor arena is a real treasure!

I have a new blog I started that centers around my garden project--it's Emily Dickinson's Garden.

We purchased our house two years ago and concentrated on the basement, driveway, trees, barn and fencing--the important things! However, we put off landscaping because we do everything ourselves and we didn't really know how to tackle a sprinkler system, not to mention, we kept running out of time each year because there were so many other projects.

This is our year for landscaping and making everything "aesthetically pleasing". In that spirit, I'm hosting a Teleflora Bouquet Give-away on that blog. Click the link above and go to the site and leave a comment--you'll be entered into the drawing. We'll choose the winner May 4th--the more comments, the more entries.

You can choose from these two arrangements just in time for Mother's Day!

Both are GORGEOUS! Thanks to the Teleflora Flower Blog for donating this arrangement!


  1. Great shot of Maggie, she's making quite a splash there! Somehow I'll bet the ducks heard her coming ;)

    Wishing you much good weather this Spring to get your landscaping done! Happy planting ...

  2. Thank you, and hoping you get some good weather as well so you can start your garden.

  3. I thought I spotted a new blog listed on your lineup! Was going to go for a visit once I finished here anyway...and now I'm super excited to get myself into that drawing! Lovely bouquets, both of them.

    We had a spot of rain yesterday as well, but as Darling is heading to a show today, we weren't quite as enthusiastic about it as you, lol!

  4. That was a great flower bouquet giveaway.!! Hope to win next time.


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