Monday, April 13, 2009

Cowboy Seems Off

I went out this morning and Cowboy was lying down in the run--which is unusual for him at feeding time, but he got up when he saw me coming. Then, he went into Red's stall and wouldn't leave, even when I fed them. He just stood there next to Red--and then walked back out and laid back down.

At that point I figured something was wrong, so I got his halter and went in there--he jumped up and tried to evade me. (Also unusual). Then he went into another stall and laid back down. I haltered him and took him to the roundpen--gave him some water and grain with a little oil in it. He ate it. I gave him a little hay. He's eating it now.

I had wormed him two days ago. Could that have something to do with it? He doesn't act like it's colic--or if it is, it appears to be very mild. I haven't given him any Banamine, like I usually do, because I'm not sure what I'm dealing with yet. He's been out there about ten minutes eating and not lying down.

Any suggestions? I probably need to go out and take his temperature.


  1. Update: He ate his (small) breakfast--it's been about 45 minutes and he hasn't laid down, even though there's no more food. He's just standing there.

  2. Gut sounds?

    Is there anything bothering his eyes? (since you said he was trying to evade you)

  3. There are some gut sounds--low--I'll take a stethescope out. He's still standing and rummaging around for food---so looks good. I have a friend coming over to get the temp--I can't find my thermometer! Haven't had to use one in years. His eyes look good--but he looks a bit lethargic--even though he'll trot and move around well if asked. Down in the dumps is a good way to describe it--so maybe some mild pain somewhere is my guess--or fever.

  4. Hope he feels better soon! (I have no idea where my horsey thermometer is either, guess I should get a new one).

  5. I bet he could be having a reaction to being of our dogs just had a reaction to bio-spot (the anti-tick stuff). He was "down in the dumps". Very lethargic and just wanted to lay down. Those chemicals are not supposed to have a high toxicity for the animals we put them on, but there are always exceptions...

  6. Hope he's feeling back to his old self soon!

  7. He's looking good. Temp was 97.9--and he hasn't laid down since this morning. He did some running and bucking to show off for Beautiful, but that's about it. I think I'm going to put him back with the others now.

    I do think it's something from the worming because this has happened before with other horses.

    I cannot find my first aid kit as hard as I've tried. I have the first aid things in the barn--but not the portable--and no thermometer! It caught me off guard. I'm going to get out there and get organized!

    Thanks for the suggestions and encouragement.

  8. Linda, I'm glad he's feeling better. It is scary. The best thing is you noticed immediately that something was "off." It really pays to know your horse and their normal behaviors. A slight change in pattern or behavior can signal something is wrong.
    That is odd about the wormer causing him to feel off, but also not surprising. If you worm often, I wouldn't think worming wouldn't cause tummy aches (I think usually caused by a big set of dead worms to clog their system, I have heard this happens, kind of icky.) Anyway, I'm going to research it a bit. My horse is due for worming.
    Keep us posted!

  9. Yeah, I don't get it. He's on an every two month worming rotation. The last time I did him it was for tapeworms. This was a Generic Ivermectin Paste Dewormer administered last Friday. His manure looks good and he seems fine now. I'm not sure what was affecting him this morning. Maybe it's the weather changes? I guess I may never know--but lying down at feeding time is ODD.

  10. It sounds like he's doing better, which is good news. Have you used this wormer before? I have a vague recollection of there being problems with some kind of wormer, gosh, maybe a year ago? So, it could be the kind of wormer, if you've never used it before. Or it could be that it simply bothered him this time. Or he just might not have felt good. We had a horsey cold or something of some kind that went through our herd about 2 months ago. No signs of colic, but a few of the horses were lethargic and off feed for a day. They were each fine within 24 hours. It's always good, as someone else said, to know when our horses are "off" since they can't just come up to us and tell us they are sick.

  11. You have a GOOD memory! It was Cowgirl who last had a problem, and it was right after I administered it--maybe a year ago. I do believe it was this same "Generic" brand. Her reaction came about an hour after and made her lie around a bit. She was fine about an hour later. It has been three days since Cowboy got it--so maybe no connection to the wormer--or maybe there is. I'm tempted to stay away from this particular generic in the future, just to be safe. I have to say, howeve, the other horses had no reaction.

  12. Okay, I think I have found the clues to today's mystery and have exonerated the poor generic wormer!

    I went out to check on Cowboy with my husband just now--and he asked for my help with the automatic waterers. While prying one up for him, I had a chance to really look at them--and they seemed different--no steam--and it's cold outside. So, I asked him if he'd turned them off this weekend when it was warm out--and VOILA--he did.

    Cowboy hates, hates, hates cold water and was a little colicy one time before in Fall when the weather dropped quickly and we hadn't got the heaters in the waterers yet. I always have to keep his water warm to avoid this.

    So, at this point, I believe he had gone off water last night when the temps dropped.

    When I sequestered him off this morning, I provided warmer water in a tub--which he drank--and he looks good now and the water heaters are turned back on to get us through the next few cold nights. It just snowed outside--so that tells you about what it's like out there. :(

    Mystery solved--hope for a better day tomorrow for Cowboy. :)


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