Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful Gets Her Foot Stuck

A friend took this picture of Cowboy and me at our Easter Carrot Hunt Ride at Riverside State Park yesterday. We hung plastic carrots all over trees in the park and the girls rode out to find them. Fun! It was our 2nd hunt like it. Last Fall we did something similar--the Ribbon Ride--where the girls went out on horses and found ribbons tied on trees--each ribbon corresponds to a prize. It's probably going to be a bi-annual event--Fall and Spring.

Some of the horses, if not all of the horses, were fresh, so we warmed them up in the newly completed outdoor arena. Horses, just like humans, have to get used to each other. It also gives us a chance to run a little steam off them before hitting the trail.

Cowboy, meet Gulliver.

I had arrived early with a couple of other women to hang the carrots, and was on horseback about 4 hours--which isn't much, but because it was my first outing--I'm a little saddle sore today. Poor Cowboy--his first time out away from the house--he's probably really feeling it since he did all the work!

It was a BLAST. The weather was great and the setting was perfect. Good first ride.

This morning, when I went out to feed the horses, I saw that Beautiful was standing out in her run with her foot stuck through a hard plastic tub. It was one that had contained a vitamin lick. It was up her leg about 6 inches or so.

My husband and I got in there with a halter and I held her while he pried it open enough for me to pull her hoof through. She was as calm as you could believe through the whole thing. She only pulled back once, but stopped when I held her. Her leg was perfectly fine afterward--thank goodness.

I'm impressed that she was calm under stress--that's a good sign for how she might be later out on the trail.

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  1. When I read your blog title, I thought "Oh no! Beautiful!" But then reading how calm she was, I realized I wasn't surprised, knowing the connection she has with you. I'm sure your presence helped keep her that way.

  2. Joanne--When I saw her with the blue bucket around her leg I thought, "OH NO(!)," as well. It always amazes me what horses can get into given enough time. I try really hard to foresee and prevent any possible injury--but I don't always have the knowledge or foresight. I've had some amazing things happen, unfortunate incidents, that in hindsight make me feel rather incompetent--but I add those mistakes to my knowledge base. Luckily, Beautiful is okay. The weather has been nice and she has been really, really sweet lately. I'll get some pictures of her tomorrow for the blog. She's a bit shaggy right now from shedding out--so not at her most "beautiful".

  3. Your ride sounds like lots of fun! What a great idea.

    I'm glad Beautiful isn't hurt and she was so calm about letting you help her.

  4. Your mare is so good! That is a calm horse to wait for help, instead of panicking and possibly causing injury.
    I'm glad you had a good ride! We got to ride this weekend, too! :)

  5. Cali got her legs stuck under the rails when she rolled once. Fortunately, she just laid there and I ran to get help. She never moved! And, she got out by herself! Phew! It scared me!

  6. Linda - Good for Beautiful. None of our mustangs have ever panicked when they got themselves into a pickle. They just wait for you to help them.

  7. So glad Beautiful is a calm's definitely a good sign!

    One of my geldings got his leg caught between a post and a gate and stood like that for maybe a half hour before I found him. It could have been tragic because the other horses had continued to try to play, which is how he ended up in a pickle in the first place.


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