Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Angie at Free Rein Art and Design tagged me today with the instructions to take the 6th photo from my 6th folder on my computer and post and blog about it.

I thought this was a fun idea--So, I happily and maybe nervously, too, went to my 6th folder and found the 6th picture. I was thrilled to find that this picture resided in that place:

Now, let me tell you who these two beautiful ladies are. The one on the left is my youngest sister, Rebekah--and the one on the right is my cousin, Jamie.

Rebekah--or Becka--was born when I was seventeen years old. In fact, I had just moved to a new town and new school when she was born, so some of the local gossips figured Rebekah was actually my daughter!!

I would have been proud and happy to claim Rebekah as my daughter--if it were true, but alas, she really is my little sister. And, probably better for her since her real mother, my mom, made a much better mother than I ever could have at the age of seventeen!!

Now, I was there at her first ultra-sound in California--before we moved. And, I was there for my forty year old mom to lean on when we'd walk through the mall shopping for school clothes and she struggled to support the extra baby weight on her small frame. But all the kudos for Rebekah--carrying her in utero, birthing her (ouch!) and raising her, go smack dab to my mom, Barbara, at The Serenity Gate.

I just got all the fun stuff--and my life was blessed by the addition of this little sister who is all grown up now and a beautiful woman--as you can see in the picture.

Now, Jamie, to the right is my little cousin from San Diego--who is very close in age to Rebekah and so they became fast friends as children. They dreamed of growing up and moving to Seattle together. However, that dream was replaced with living in Lewiston together.

Jamie is now in the Nursing program at LCSC and all grown up and gorgeous, too.

Now, I'm going to tag six more people who were not previously tagged by Angie:

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Hope it's as fun for you as it was for me. Thanks, Angie!


  1. Lovely photo, I can see a resemblance to you in your sister's face. Your family seems really close, and what a great support you were for your Mom during her pregnancy. Since I have a few posts already scheduled, I'll sneak in my tag either this weekend or next. Now I have to go check out my photo files!

  2. Oh, what a sweet post and I DO REMEMBER those days and how you supported me, both emotionally and physically. And then we got this sweet little lady, Becka. The effort was well worth it!!!

    I'll look into my files as soon as I get my "PAPERWORK" done. There's no telling which photo will appear!!! lol. Scary!!!

  3. Hi Joanne--it'll be interesting to see what's in your folders! You have great pictures--so I'm sure it will be good.

    Mom-I just saw what picture you found. That's great! What a change in Sienna.

  4. You will have to come see mine, I will post it in a bit. Not too exciting - just a winter picture from a year ago. We need to get together - any day but Wed. I am feeling very guilty about you not having your book yet. I have kind of changed my mind about the awards. I kind of want to discuss it.

  5. Lea--How does tomorrow work for you? I'll email. Monday might work, too--in the morning.


  7. Hey,
    Glad you played along. The stories are as good as the pictures that go along with them.
    My sister had her first/only child when she was 42 so when my daughter accompanied them to the grocery store or where ever people would comment on my sister's grandchild. It would make both of them laugh!

  8. Friday would work. E mail me so we are on the same boat.

  9. Linda, I'll go through my photos tonight! I'm heading out to work now! Thanks for the tag...I think it will be FUN!

  10. Go figure, out of ALL of your pictures that was your 6th and 6th?? I loved reading this story and am so fortunate to have you as my big sister!

  11. Hey Tileena--I saw your picture! Good job. It was fun to read about your sister.

    Cheryl--I look forward to seeing yours,, Joanne, you take some amazing pictures.

    Becka--that is funny it was my 6th picture!! I enjoy telling that story.

  12. Linda,

    I wasn't sure where else to get a hold of you about that halter. Email me at andrea v at turbonet dot com. :)


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