Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New Blog & A New Halter

I mentioned in one of my blog posts that I love Canadian Geese and wanted to get some pictures of them. The rapid snow melt plus rain, created a pond-like situation--which drew the geese and Blue Heron. Hopefully, I can get a picture of the heron this week, too. These are the pictures I took this evening--

I'm starting another blog about my upcoming garden project (Spring '09) and it is at this address (wwww.emilydickinsonsgarden.wordpress.com) if you'd like to follow along with my progress--brainstorm ideas for your own gardens or give me helpful hints--please stop by. (I'm starting from absolute scratch--and need all the help anyone's willing to give!)

I'm going to use Emily Dickinson's gardens as inspiration for this venture. My hope is that I will become more intimate with her poetry and her humanity as a result--and create a poetic space here at my own home.

There are two books I'm going to use as my reference--I believe the titles are Emily Dickinson's Gardens and The Gardens of Emily Dickinson--easy to remember! (Check out the comments between Jen and I in the last post for details).

I want this blog--Beautiful Mustang--to remain primarily Beautiful's story as I get her ready for her first outing at Mustang Days in June. So, I'll be taking my gardening and poetry over to the other sight.

I do believe the weather is going to do a major turn around this week and we can finally really dig in and get started with Beautiful's work--introducing her to the whole herd--releasing her--teaching her to trailer load--to lunge--pack a saddle and much more. Oh, and of course, the BLM will be doing their final inspection and sign her over to me in May or June. So, lots of exciting stuff with her coming up soon.

I received a new halter in the mail from Andrea at Mustang Saga today. I'm heading out to the barn in a few minutes to try it on her--pictures tomorrow!


  1. Oh Linda, my daughter will love your new blog. She just got one of the Dickinson gardening books today and is immersed in it! We will definitely be following your garden adventure, and hopefully some of Dickinson's and your influence will result in new plantings here too! (P.S. She'll be sending you her paper in a day or so). Happy gardening!

  2. What a good idea. I'm heading over there now to check it out. I started a new blog today also. Spring just inspires the heck out of me!

  3. Joanne--I've enjoyed talking to Jen about Dickinson. Her paper was excellent. Was it your idea to have the girls being their own flower garden? I thought that was a super sweet idea.

    Angie--I caught your comment over at the garden--I'm interested in seeing how your plantings have matured over the fifteen years.


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