Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Farrier Visit

Yesterday it snowed, and it just happened to be the day the farrier came.

I think the weather change affected the horses more than normal because they've been shedding off and then when those temperatures drop, like yesterday--brrrrr...

They were all very hungry and grumpy and had a "hard" eye. I knew I'd have my work cut out for me as I led each one out of their stall to tie in the center aisle. They were pawing and banging, switching tails--not a pretty sight.

I may have made a mistake in choosing Beautiful to be trimmed first, but I thought it would be best to get it out of the way. She's very tuned into the others, plus an attitude that's all her own, and she gave the farrier a stare down like--you come in here with that box and there's going to be trouble.

Because of that, I didn't have any opportunity to get pictures. I was too busy managing her away from the farrier when she'd pull back her hooves and try to bolt out of the stall.

I think this was a product of many things--the day (which for a wild horse probably sent off some warning bells), the other horses, being a mare, and not being handled by any one other than me for so long (lack of exposure).

My farrier spent a lot of extra time with her--touching her all over her body and rubbing her. Eventually, she settled and the head dropped, eye softened, and she gave her feet up.


  1. So nice that you have an understanding farrier! Cody will get his feet trimmed for the first time in a couple weeks. He doesn't always pick his feet right up when I ask, but he doesn't really try to jerk them away. My farrier (same guy I used for my old horse Taffy) has seemed to have some patience for the younger, inexperienced horses, but I've known him to slap a horse on the rump with the flat of his rasp before too (on a horse that he figured should know better and was being a brat). You'll have to post pics of her pretty new feet :)

  2. I'll look forward to your trimming story. I've been working on her feet for a long time--since they looked so clubby. She has been trimmed upteen times now--by two farriers. The last time he came she was great--this was a big step backward for her. :(:(:( But it's Spring--and I usually have him trim her outside where there's more room--but there was snow yesterday and lots of mud and standing water--so we did it in the stall. I think she felt penned in--maybe trapped. Plus, the other horses were making so much noise--she was probably smart to get worried. In the wild, it could have signaled danger. I'm sure your boy will do well with as much preparation as you've given him!

  3. Hehe, the fun thing he gets to live through today is getting gelded.... I just hope it stops raining! I don't have a big covered barn to do it in, just his 12x12 3-sided shelter :(

  4. Ouch! Yeah, you're going to probably want to be outside for that one so you have a little more room--but if he lies down right in the 12x12 it should go fine. I hope it stops raining for you!! Are you going to post pictures? There's probably a lot of people who haven't seen a gelding before.

  5. I'm sorry she had a bad day. It happens to the best of them. That's great that your farrier is willing to take the time it takes. Sounds like it ended on a good note.

  6. I like how Beautiful finally surrendered, I can picture her, relaxing beneath his touch. What a tough job that must be, your farrier must have some interesting stories to tell. And he must know horses well!

  7. I wouldn't want to be a farrier--that's for sure! It takes a special person!

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