Friday, March 20, 2009

Extreme Mustang Makeover

In the Mustang world, there is nothing bigger than what's happening now in Albany, OR--at the Extreme Mustang Makeover. (Click on this link and there will be a short video example at the top of the page--you'll be AMAZED!! to see what they have done in the past with these horses.)

Contestants picked up buck-wild Mustangs three months ago--in the dead of winter, and have gentled and trained them and now taken them to compete in this contest. It's their time to strut their stuff and show the World what you can do with a wild American Mustang.

There's no limit on what a trainer can do in those three months--any trick to show how athletic, smart, and bullet-proof you've gotten your Mustang, is allowed. The judges will look at all aspects of the horse and human partnership and by the end of the weekend, choose a winner.

Andrea and Lea--Lea and her Mustangs, fellow bloggers, have hit the road to attend the competition and support our friends who have gone there. Tracey, at Mustang Diaries is competing on her horse, Steve Holt!. You can follow the competition on Twitter through the effort of Andrea--and Tracey will be posting her story all through the weekend. She's already posted her first day.

Please stop by their blogs to see what's happening and wish Tracey luck as she competes to show the value of our wild horses. And, I can assure you, the training she has pulled off in three months is nothing short of AMAZING--and would be for any untouched horse to go from A to Z in that short time. In that light, I'd like to congratulate Tracey early for already winning with Steve Holt!.

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  1. After following along here reading how you work with Beautiful, I can't even fathom the diligence and work given to training the wild mustangs in 3 months! Wow!


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