Saturday, March 21, 2009

Extreme Mustang Makeover Updates

Andrea at Mustang Saga keeps posting the results of the Extreme Mustang Over, and it appears a woman, Jackie Sigloh (Oregon) with the Mustang, Kahlua, is in the number one spot. Hopefully, Andrea will have pictures of them. She already has posted many shocking photos--please click on her link and see--it could be that one of them is Jackie and Kahlua. (Caution: please don't try their tricks at home. You couldn't pay me enough to crawl under any of my horse's legs!!) The finals are today--so keep watching!

Here is a link to Jackie's ranch and her beautiful Kiger stallion, McCoy. I could seriously see Beautiful and this stallion producing beautiful foals. There's another,too--the owner/gentler of Princess, Kevin Sink, who is also competing at the makeover and was formerly in the lead--the stallion's name is Dino, and there is a picture of him on Andrea's blog in the middle of the page. Check out the video of Princess at the competition while you're at Princess's blog. (Especially the in-hand when they trot through the cones).

Remember: They've only been with their human for 100 days. Princess was 5 years old when adopted and guess what--she was from Beautiful's herd!! She was rounded up at the same time. For all we know, she could be Beautiful's mother!!! And she does great in these videos--especially since there's an audience, new environment, clapping, etc. There's $7,500 at stake and the future adoption of these Mustangs at the auction which will be held during the weekend. Good luck!!

Here is a pic of my boy, Cowboy, today. Doesn't this look like Nancy Glazier's, Audacious print? I have that hanging in my LR. I'll post a picture beside this one and you tell me.

And what I found at the 4-H Tack sale--besides a brand new Weaver breast collar for $22.00 and a surcingle--these tie rings. We purchased seven and drilled them into the support beams in the barn.


  1. Kudos to Nancy Glazier for capturing such energy. And yes, definitely there are great similarities between her print and Cowboy! Enjoying the Makeover updates, Wow, they've got a lot going on there, very impressive.

  2. I've been amazed, too. The things people can do with their horses!! I was really surprised at the prices the Mustangs got at auction--one went as high as $5,000. Andrea posted all the auction results on her site---I thought, for a second, they were typos. It was very sweet to see, though, that some of the trainers got to take their horses home--like Tracey with Steve Holt!.

  3. I see what you are talking about! Very real similarities. Cowboy is a doll! I hadn't seen him until now.


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