Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catherine's Doing Great!

Hi everyone. We just got back from the hospital where they took little Catherine off the respirator. She's in some pain and pretty confused about being there--but her mom got to hold and comfort her for the first time since it happened.

She seemed to be doing very well, strong lungs and breathing--so they say she can go home on Thursday.

We're looking forward to the family being reunited at their home and for Catherine to get back to living her life--first steps, words, and all the stuff of being a little baby girl.

Thanks so much for all your kind wishes, thoughts, and prayers through this trial. And, thanks to Sacred Heart Medical Center for saving her life.

Now I need to get back out to the barn and take care of the horse babies needing some time and attention! I haven't thought about them much lately, so Shiloh has been taking up the slack for me. I feel like life kind of stopped and slowed way, way down for the last five days, and I'm just starting to rejoin it again.


  1. Oh Linda. How wonderful the baby is doing well. We have been praying.

  2. If she is going home Thursday, she must be doing much better. Good news!

  3. I am so glad to hear that Catherine is doing better. Now your family can let out their collective sigh of relief.

  4. Wonderful news, to be able to go about being a little baby girl! I'm sure Catherine and her family will relish every moment of it. Your life slowing way, way down seems like the situation's way of putting a magnifying glass on what really matters, family, love and wellbeing. I'm glad you've got them all going on!

  5. Linda,so glad to hear things are going well. It is amazing how these things can take over your life during and after. I am glad she gets to go home!


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