Sunday, February 1, 2009


Since the sun was out this week, my husband and I decided to go hiking around the area and see how the local trails are faring, so we can get an idea when to start trail riding again. This is a picture at Palisades Park with our dog, Maggie. She may be getting a full brother or sister this Spring if all goes well!

Palisades has hard packed snow, and it didn't look like good conditions for riding yet.

This is the view of Mt. Spokane from Palisades. I have a similar view from my back deck. I've photographed it a lot, as you've probably noticed.

The cliff edges are hard to see well because the snow curls over their tops. I avoided getting too close, but my husband would push it right to the edge. Toward the end of our walk we sat out on a steep rock, and I clung on for dear life where he dangled his legs over. I was thinking, all it would take is Maggie running over and bumping him and....not a good thing.

As you can see, the cliffs are steep at Palisades.

Last night we went to see the play Cowgirls put on by the Interplayers Theater. (Piano donated by Dan the Piano Man--where I recently bought mine.) It's a musical comedy about a woman trying to save her family's bar, but she accidentally hires a classical female trio rather than a country western band. It's an all-woman play about coming from different perspectives, but still having a lot in common.

They had a joke about Idaho. The bartender (who has 6 kids, 3 divorces, and UNDERSTANDS country western) asks, "What does a twister in Kansas, a hurricane in Florida, and a divorce in Idaho have in common? Someone's losing a trailer."

There were lots and lots of laughs. The women who played in it were really talented--one played banjo, another guitar and cello, another was a classic pianist and another was a violinist/fiddler--all are active in the music scene in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area.

It was a real pleasure--great time--and I'd recommend it to all my Cowgirl friends. And, as the play points out every woman who is a survivor is a Cowgirl.

Wear your Cowgirl boots and hat to this one, ladies!

Oh, I found that Madeline Pickens has a website: where you can keep up to date on her appearances. And, Andrea at Mustang Saga found a great Mustang article in February's National Geographic. She has a link to it on her site, and I found it on the newstand yesterday.


  1. Linda, would the play be something appropriate for girls 11-13? I think it might be a blast to go have a girls' day out with my daughter and nieces and go see it. Just wondering about innuendo and language.

  2. Hi Andrea--I think it would be great for you to take them. I had bought a ticket for Shiloh, but she ended up with other plans. I thought, during it, how much I wished she had been there. It's a load of fun and it'll get the girls laughing--good introduction to plays--dress Cowgirl and make it even more fun. Oh, and go to one of the matinees--I went to the 8:00 and that's a bit too late, but the cast does head to Europa afterward and there are free appetizers. ;)

  3. Thanks! I think I'll take them. I was thinking the matinee but the thing at Europa sounds like it might be kind of dazzlingly fun to 3 country girls. Hmm...

    One of my nieces is really into drama (on stage and off, lol) so I think she'll love this. And I think the other girls will too, once they get there.

  4. What a beautiful hike! Those cliffs so look pretty scary!
    That play sounds really cute! Wish I could check it out!

  5. Andrea--tell us all about when you get back from the play! Hope you enjoy it!!

    Pony Girl--maybe your local theater will stage it. I'd never heard of it before, but other people had. So, it's probably a popular play! Don't miss it!


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