Monday, February 2, 2009

Cowgirl Coffee

If you live in the Western United States and you're not a Cowgirl--you're NOT putting this landscape, history and tradition to good use! There's no place in the world that you will look less out of place wearing a cowboy hat, ****-kickers and jeans than here in the good old Wild West! (And, it is wild.)

Even if you don't own a horse or a COW--for goodness sake, consider being a Cowgirl anyway. If you want to be one, just say, I wanna be a Cowgirl three times, tap the pointy toes of your boots together, and there you go--you are one.

I was reading the reviews of my favorite coffee spot, Chaps, on the internet today and I had a sudden realization--an epiphany--that not every girl wants to be a COWGIRL.

Can that be?!?

I discovered this fact after I read the reviews of Chaps. Of course, the glowing one I wrote a long time ago came up first--something about Nirvana, Heaven, and Shangri-la all rolled into one--it was in its own category at the very top of the google search page, but I noticed there were some more, less true ones below...

Like this from some no-Cowgirl-gal named Darcy--

Honestly, we do go to restaurants and hope for good food more than we hope for a hug LOL.
What's that all about?!? You go to restaurants for food rather than a hug from Celeste--the ultimate go-go-Cowgirl?!? You, Darcy, are not a Cowgirl. You should go to Starbucks.

How about this one from some one named Remi...

And the cowboy decor? Ick.
You don't like Cowboy decor? Really? Then why do you live in the Northwest?!? Oh, and Chaps is actually Cowgirl Shabby Chic, to be more accurate.

Luckily for Chaps, the good reviews far outweighed the bad, but I have to wonder--how could anyone not like Chaps? I DON'T get it.

So, calling ALL Cowgirls!!--I'm getting together a Cowgirl coffee for this Saturday. I've put the word out to every Cowgirl in Spokane--(though I really hope they don't all show up or Chaps will HATE me). Come when you want, leave when you want, have some coffee!

And, as for me, I wanna be a Cowgirl!


  1. Can I be the official East Coast CowGirl? I've got the jeans, and maybe some black leather boots would suffice? Just tell me what I've got to do and I'll raise my coffee cup to you this Saturday morning, in a national Cowgirl toast!

  2. Joanne--you're definitely a Cowgirl--through and through. And you, as a coffee lover, too, would love Chaps!! I wish you didn't live so far away so you could join us--but thanks for raising a toast from the East Coast!

  3. I wore my boots to school yesterday and EVERYBODY noticed! We used to do "Boots Friday" before my pinched nerve settled we'll have to get it going again! Everybody up the hill, where the horses are, wears boots and cowboy hats and a LOT of folks down here in the valley do, too! Great post!

  4. I like Boots Friday!

    Around here cow folk wear baseball caps rather than Cowboy hats--at least the "real" Cowboys do. Of course, most of them ride ATVS, too. But there are some chores that horses will never replace--ravines ATVS can't get into when chasing cows.

    The cowboy boot has not been replaced at all though. It's truly functional.

    I prefer a slip on and off kind in case my foot were ever to get caught in the stirrup. I used to wear lace-ups, but switched over years ago.

    I, like PonyGirl, am in the market for a new pair of boots--so any suggestions would be GREAT!

  5. I wished I lived closer, I've been a cowgirl at heart since about 4yrs old. When I was that age, I wore my cowboy hat everywhere, a nice lady in the local shop asked me "Youre a sweet little girl and whats your name" most offended I wasn't recognised I answered "Wyatt Earp".

  6. Linda--aka Wyatt Earp--I followed your link to your blog and found out you're part of the Whoa Horse Art Team!! Anyone who can draw a horse has taken the time to know them. You get extra Cowgirl points! Any I hope I can help promote what you guys are doing--unique equestrian art--handmade--it's the BEST!! Thanks for stopping by!


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