Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor: Equestrian Artist

Blogging is wonderful, if for no other reason, than you meet people from all over the world who you would never have known otherwise. And, I'm always impressed by the level of thought, compassion and creativity that is out there.

Recently I found a group of artists through Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor's website, Gypsy Mare Studios who tap into the wonder and grace of the horse.

This is what her bio says on her blog:
Lancaster County, PA, United States
Stay at home artist and mom selling my work on the internet since 1999. I have a passion for horses and holidays and enjoy creating art involving these subjects.

She has recently put together another blog to showcase hand-made equestrian art of her own and many other artists, Whoa Horse Art. They sell their artwork on Etsy, Ebay, Zazzle and Cafe Press. And, they're quite reasonably priced for the level of artistry, though I'll let their work speak for itself.

Here are some items by Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor--please go to her site to find out how to purchase her work--many of these items have previously sold--which is the great thing about unique art--if you see something you love, grab it while you can. (PS. She has art other than horses, too--but we won't hold that against her!:)

I love this one.

And for us Poe fans out there--wouldn't this be cool hanging in front of my (I mean our) house?

Here are some equestrian themed signs which exemplify her work though I believe they're already sold and gone. She has painted what appears to be hundreds--all unique. I love the personalities of these two little Trick-or-Treating babies.

And for Appy lovers....

You notice how her horses aren't just horses? Her paintings capture something of the wonder or magic of the universe and how it's reflected in the equine.

This necklace reminded me of my favorite Beautiful Mustang.

Unicorns and horses--I sometimes forget how connected these two are. It's like I put away unicorns like I put away other childhood fascinations. But why? I should have remembered how the two were linked in my imagination when I was young and stopped to ponder it. This picture does that for me--connects the two.

"Mule Baby" How cute is this? You can get many of her items at Cafe Press--applied to mugs, shirts, buttons, and JOURNALS!! Yay!

Here is one of her works in progress.

I was going to feature a few other Whoa Art Team artists today, but there was so much in Jennifer's portfolio, I really can't do justice to it--So, I'm going to stop here and do the others tomorrow. Please check out the rest of Jennifer's vast collection of art--it's available in so many varieties and price ranges--there is something for everyone.

Here are some samples of what will be coming up in the next couple of days from Linda at The Briar Rose Gate blog(AKA Artwolf at Etsy) who is featured on the blog Whoa Horse Art today and Karri at Three Spotted Dogs Blog.

It's good to know you never have to buy mass-produced again!


  1. Linda, you are just the sweetest person in the whole world! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to post about me and all the other AMAZING artists on the Whoa Team. I just started joking with them that WHOA stands for We're Horse Obsessed Artists! Isn't it true. Once they get in your blood they're always there.
    I would love to use your Beautiful Girl as a model someday.
    Have a wonderful day! :) Jen

  2. Hi Jennifer--I should have given you a heads up, but I often do my blog spur of the moment, and today I had art on my mind after looking at all of your websites and stores. You can use Beautiful Girl as a model any day. I was admiring the buckskin on the pendant already--it's a close likeness. I approve of your "obsession" with horse art--you bring magic and combine it with, what is the word, vibrance, panache--yeah, panache. That's the word.

  3. Beautiful work here. The paintings have a unique energy, a life maybe tied in with the free nature of horses? Jennifer's certainly tapped into it with her art. I'm off to take a look at her website.


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